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ATOM-DAY is an annual conference that was first held in 2023. At the conference, participants deal with research on the political economy of nuclear energy. Topics range from energy system modeling and econometric applications over sustainability issues to sector analyses for the construction, operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants as well as questions regarding the interim and final storage of radioactive waste.

Please direct any questions towards Alexander Wimmers (E-Mail).

AT-OM DAY 2023

The first AT-OM DAY was held at WIP as hybrid event on 2 June 2023.

Program: More.


Session 0: Opening Remarks by Prof. Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen. Presentation.

Session 1: Input Statements

  • François Lévêque (CERNA, Mines ParisTech): Adaptation of Nuclear Power Plants to Global Heating. Presentation.
  • Tooraj Jamasb (Copenhagen Business School and School of Energy Infrastructure): General Remarks. Presentation

Session 2: Decommissioning I

  • Rebekka Bärenbold / Muhammad Maladoh Bah / Rebecca Lordan-Perret / Hannes Weigt (University of Basel) / Alexander Wimmers / Björn Steigerwald / Christian von Hirschhausen / Ben Wealer (TU Berlin): Cross-Country Survey on the Decommissioning of Commercial Nuclear Reactors: Status, Insights and Knowledge Gaps. Presentation.
  • Rebecca Lordan-Perret / Rebekka Bärenbold / Hannes Weigt (University of Basel) / Robert Rosner (University of Chicago): An Ex-Ante Method to Verify Commercial U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Cost Estimates. Presentation.

Session 3: Keynotes on Nuclear Energy (RSERC Lecture Series (More information))

  • Chloé LeCoq (University of Paris & Stockholm School of Economics) / Sebastian Schwenen (TU Munich): Renewable Energy and Nuclear Outages. Presentation.
  • William Nuttall (Open University & University of Cambridge): Techno-Economic Perspectives on Nuclear Fusion. Presentation.

Session 4a: Modelling

  • Sebastian Schwenen (TU Munich) / Mario Amore (Università Bocconi) / Chloé Le Coq (University of Paris-Panthéon-Assas & Stockholm School of Economics): How (not) to Manage Nuclear Power Plants. Presentation.
  • Leonard Göke / Alexander Wimmers / Christian von Hirschhausen (TU Berlin): Economics of Nuclear Power in Decarbonized Energy Systems. Presentation.
  • Muhammad Maladoh Bah (University of Basel): State and Federal Nuclear Support Schemes in Dynamic Electricity Market Conditions: Insights from NYISO and PJM. Presentation.

Session 4b: Econometrics

  • Julia Rechlitz / Astrid Cullmann / Christian von Hirschhausen (TU Berlin & DIW Berlin): Are Outages Homogeneous Among Nuclear Technologies? Evidence from Machine Learning Approaches. Presentation 1. Presentation 2.
  • Mona Katzer / Christine Stopper / Meng Zhang / Milan Zetzsche (NIR/AT-TEG @ TU Berlin): Atomic Rivers: Influence of River Water Temperature and Levels on French Nuclear Power Plant Operations. Presentation.
  • Pinar Kul / Miriam Forderer / Mohammed Mansouri (NIR/AT-TEG @ TU Berlin): Results from a (Student) Survey on Attitudes Towards Nuclear Power. Presentation.

Session 4c: Scenarios

  • Ange Blanchard / Olivier Massol (Centrale Supélec, IFP): The Economics of Flexible Nuclear Generation in Low-Carbon Power Systems: A Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming Approach. Presentation.
  • Jens Weibezahn (CBS) / Björn Steigerwald (TU Berlin) / Martin Slowik (Univ. Mannheim) / Christian Breyer (LUT): Paradigm Shift in longterm Decarbonization Scenarios? An in depth Analysis of the Share of Nuclear Based on IPCC Data. Presentation.
  • Alexander Marx / Lorenz Richter / Philipp Rössle (NIR/AT-TEG @ TU Berlin): Nuclear Bias in Forecasting Energy Mixes? Presentation.

Session 5a: Decommissioning II

  • Muhammad Maladoh Bah / Hannes Weigt (University of Basel): Premature Nuclear Retirements and Nuclear Decommissioning Funds: Insights from New York. Presentation.
  • Niklas Wagner / Leo Hansen / Xuanyi Wang (NIR/AT-TEG @ TU Berlin): Organizational Models in Nuclear Decommissioning: The case of the UK PBO Scheme in International Comparison. Presentation.
  • Mahdi Awawda (TU Berlin): Funding Nuclear Waste Management: The German case of the KENFO. Presentation.

Session 5b: Technology

  • Stefania Böhnlein / Mehmet Efe Bölme / Thomas Patrick (NIR/AT-TEG @ TU Berlin): Nuclear Fusion as a System Good. Presentation.
  • Björn Steigerwald (TU Berlin) / Jens Weibezahn (CBS) / Martin Slowik (Univ. Mannheim) / Christian von Hirschhausen (TU Berlin / DIW Berlin): Uncertainties in Estimating Production Costs of Future Nuclear Technologies: A Model-based Analysis of SMR-concepts. Presentation.
  • Fanny Böse (TU Berlin & BASE) / Christian von Hirschhausen / Björn Steigerwald / Alexander Wimmers (TU Berlin & DIW Berlin): The Economics of Nuclear Power Newbuild in the Context of Climate Change Mitigation – An Assessment. Presentation.

AT-OM DAY 2024

AT-OM DAY 2024 will be held in June 2024. The exact date and toical focus will be communicated in due time.