Wasserwirtschaft und Hydrosystemmodellierung

Archiv of the Selected Topics on Hydro- and Environmental Numerical Simulation

WS 22/23

19.10.202211:00-12:00Khaled Elmorsi (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Resilience of Water Distribution Networks under Different Sensor Network Architectures and Data Sampling Frequencies A Trade-off Analysis
02.11.202210:00-11:00Yuliia Nakonechna (TU Berlin)Hydromorphological and Hydrochemical features of Chichikliya River
16.11.202211:00-12:00Helen Adelmann (TU Berlin)Validierung eines Simulationsprogramms für die Flachwassergleichungen
15.12.202210:00-11:00Lone Stumpe (TU Berlin)Climate change effects on the water budget in Jordan and the West Bank - Assessment of groundwater recharge employing a conceptually-lumped reservoir model for karstified aquifer systems
30.03.202314:00-15:00Pia Antonia Gronau (TU Berlin)Hydrodynamische Niederschlags-Abfluss-Simulationen für Gesamt-Berlin und Untersuchungen zur geeigneten Gitterauflösung

WS 21/22

15.11.202111:00-12:00Jonas Krohm (TU Berlin)Implementierung und Untersuchung der impliziten Zeitdiskretisierung im Grundwassermodell wahyd-gw
24.11.202115:00-16:00Jonas Lemke (TU Berlin)Untersuchung des Green-Ampt Infiltrationsansatzes bei der hydrodynamischen Simulation von Starkregenexperimenten
07.01.202214:00-15:00Sebastian Oswald (TU Berlin)Performance-Auswirkungen von Indexstrategien auf Flachwasser-Strömungssimulationen mit strukturierten Netzen
24.01.202210:00-11:00Ragavan Ramesh Babu (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Design and prototyping of a precise fertigation unit for agricultural drip irrigation systems
25.02.202212:00-13:00Leonard Sickert (TU Berlin)Simulation der Infiltration mit der Green-Ampt-Gleichung: Vergleich verschiedener Ansätze in einem Simulations-Framework für Flachwassergleichungen

SoSe 21

17.06.202109:10-09:30Franziska Tügel (TU Berlin)Modeling of flash floods in small natural and urban catchments
17.06.202109:30-09:50Yangwei Zhang (TU Berlin)Applying depth-dependent roughness method in hydrodynamic modelling using hms
17.06.202109:50-10:10Aziz Hassan (TU Berlin)Applying optimization algorithms to calibrate a shallow water model for rainfall-runoff simulations
17.06.202110:10-10:30Lennart Steffen (TU Berlin)Performance Improvement Strategies for FVM Simulations of Shallow Water Flow
17.06.202110:30-10:50Omnia Abouelsaad (TU Berlin)Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamics and Water Quality in Artificial Lagoons in El Gouna, Egypt
17.06.202111:00-11:20Vahid Sobhi Gollo (TU Berlin)High-resolution integral modelling approach for flow and transport in groundwater - surface water interaction space
17.06.202111:20-11:40Abhinav Dixit (TU Berlin)Validation and application of a three phase simulation model for odour and corrosion control in sewer systems
17.06.202111:40-12:00Leonie Walter (Hochschule Emden/Leer)A fully-resolved CFD-DEM method for the transport of suspended non-spherical grains
17.06.202112:00-12:20Arne Daniel (Hochschule Emden/Leer)Hybrid modeling approaches for the dynamic interaction of research vessels and oceanographic instruments
17.06.202113:00-13:20Christian Marx (TU Berlin)Using isotopes to quantify water partitioning in complex urban environments
17.06.202113:20-13:40Mikael Gillefalk (TU Berlin)Quantifying the effects of urban green space on water partitioning and ages using an isotope-based ecohydrological model
17.06.202113:40-14:00Gogoua Habib Gogoua (TU Berlin)Statistical and hydrological modelling of extreme events in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
17.06.202114:00-14:20Uqubai Gessessew (TU Berlin)Modeling flash floods in ungauged catchment areas in semi-arid region, Northern Ethiopia
17.09.202111:00-12:00Finn Amann (TU Berlin)Application of Optimisation Strategies to Shallow Water Flow Simulation
24.09.202110:00-11:00Lukas Guericke (TU Berlin)Methods of Simulation Adjustment and Error-Correction for In-Situ Water Levels of Urban Pluvial Flood Events

WS 20/21

22.10.202014:00-15:00Lone Stumpe (TU Berlin)Spannungsfeld Wasserkraft
27.11.202011:00-12:00Omar Al-Masalmeh (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Rainfall-Runoff and Sediment Transport Modelling of Wadi Billi, Egypt
07.12.202015:00-16:00Alice Cellamare (TU Berlin)Analysis of the combination of an intelligent rainwater cistern with a near-natural rainwater management measure with regard to restoring natural water balance
13.01.202111:00-12:00Olivia Wittke (TU Berlin)Flussrenaturierung
21.01.202111:00-12:00Zebrhan Teklay Measho (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Simulation of Flash Floods for Ungauged Catchment Areas, Case Study Northern Ethiopia
19.02.202110:00-11:00Lukas Guericke (TU Berlin)Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on Saltwater Intrusion into Coastal Aquifers and Strategies for Remediation
31.03.202113:00-14:00Kerlos Abdallah (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Numerical Simulation of Dissolved Oxygen in Rosetta Branch, Nile River

SoSe 20

03.07.202011:00-12:00Manjusha Nadgouda (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Stormwater management in Mumbai and solutions for the annual flood crisis

WS 19/20

29.01.202015:00-15:30Clara Scheer (TU Berlin)Optimierung eines LSTM Netzwerks für Pegelstandsvorhersagen am Rhein
25.02.202016:30-17:15Juan Camilo Vergara (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Development of non-stationary IDF curves and their impact on rainfall-runoff modeling in Bogotá-Colombia
12.03.202010:00-11:00Jonathan Heard (TU Berlin)Weiterentwicklung eines webbasierten Planungswerkzeuges für die Regenwasserbewirtschaftung

SoSe 19

09.04.201917:00-17:30Eleni Kritidou (University of Chania, Greece)The effects of Manning coefficient change on sediment transportation based on a hydro-geomorphological model
17.04.201911:00-11:30Catherine Mumm (TU Berlin)Auswirkungen eines Starkregenereignisses im EZG Leegebruch
08.05.201911:00-11:30Sophie Louise Ullrich (TU Berlin)A comparison of different weather generators for generating synthetic discharge series in the Rhine basin
22.05.201914:00-14:30Finn Amann (TU Berlin)An Integral Porosity Shallow Water Model Approach with extensive pre- and post-processing
20.06.201911:00-11:30Ole Siegmeier (TU Berlin)Untersuchung schwimmender Windenergieanlagen
24.07.201914:00-14:30Arash Malekian (University of Tehran, Iran)Recent floods in Iran, lessons learnt and the way forward
19.08.201910:00-10:30Sheila Ghimire (EuroAquae)Numerical Modelling Of Downstream Part of River Var and its Flooding Areas Using A 2D Robust Shallow Water Model
10.09.201914:00-14:30Lotta Mundt (TU Berlin)Erweiterung eines Sturzflutmodells zur Berücksichtigung räumlich variabler Infiltrationsraten

WS 18/19

30.10.201816:30-17:00Gogoua Habib Gogoua (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Rainfall-Runoff modelling in an urban catchment of the city of Alexandria, Egypt: Influence of time of concentration, urbanisation and flood control reservoirs
01.11.201809:00-09:30Amr Ghazal (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Urban Flood Protection in Arid Regions - King Fahd District in Dammam City - Saudi Arabia
22.11.201809:00-09:30Jonathan Heard (TU Berlin)Starkregengefährdungsanalyse im Einzugsgebiet des Riedgrabens
20.12.201814:00-14:30Abdelrahman Ahmed (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Modelling and analysis of rainfall-runoff processes in the Wadi Bili catchment in Egypt
21.03.201916:00-16:30Prof. Q. Liang (Loughborough University, UK)The recent high-performance flood modelling technologies for real-time forecasting
21.03.201916:45-17:15Dr.-Ing. I. Özgen (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, USA)Hyperbolizing the zero-inertia equation
21.03.201917:30-17:45Prof. M. Zounemat-Kermani (Shahid Bahonar Univ. of Kerman, Kerman, Iran) 

SoSe 18

17.07.201813:00-14:00Jiaheng Zhao, Ilhan Özgen, Dongfang Liang & Reinhard HinkelmannA Novel Slope Failure Operator for The Total Load Sediment Transport Model
18.07.201809:10-09:30Franziska Tügel (TU Berlin)Investigation of infiltration processes during flash floods
18.07.201809:30-09:50Abdelrahman Ahmed (TU Berlin)Rainfall-runoff analysis of the Wadi Bili catchment in the Red sea governorate of Egypt
18.07.201809:50-10:10Amr Ghazal (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Urban flood protection in arid regions King Fahd district in Dammam - Saudi Arabia
18.07.201810:10-10:30Majed Al-Jabarai (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Simplified model for the El-gouna lagoon, Egypt
18.07.201810:30-10:50Gwendolin Porst (TU Berlin)UWI activities last year
18.07.201810:50-11:10Vahid Sobhi Gollo (TU Berlin)Integral modelling approach for flow and reactive transport at surface water-groundwater interfaces
18.07.201811:20-11:40Habib Gogoua (TU Berlin Campus El Gouna)Rainfall-runoff modelling in an urban district of Alexandria (Egypt): Influence of time of concentration and urbanization on runoff discharge
18.08.201811:40-12:00Elena Matta (TU Berlin)Smart water solutions for settlements in the mena region
18.07.201812:00-12:20Yueling Ma (EuroAquae)Water level predictions for inland navigation using artificial neural networks. Case study: Rhine river basin, Germany
18.07.201812:20-12:40Ilhan Özgen (TU Berlin)Integral porosity shallow water model - conclusions and outlook
18.07.201812:40-13:00Tian Wang (TU Berlin)Implicit friction source term treatment for overland flow simulation using shallow water flow model
18.07.201813:00-13:20Aziz Hassan (TU Berlin)Using a simplex-type optimization method to calibrate a hydrodynamic model for rainfall-runoff simulations
18.07.201813:20-13:40Jiaheng Zhao (TU Berlin)A novel slope failure operator for the total load sediment transport model
16.08.201811:00-11:30Tim Starke (TU Berlin)Weiterentwicklung und Überprüfung eines Modells zur Simulation von Strömungs- und Transportprozessen im Grundwasser

SS 17

5th Apr09:00-09:30Franziska TügelModelling of flash floods in wadi systems
5th Apr09:30-10:00Katharina TeuberValidation of the OpenFOAM solver interFOAM regarding flow in closed ducts
5th Apr10:00-10:30Gwendolin PorstUpdate from UWI
5th Apr11:00-11:30Qing ZhangAssessing long-term river bed evolution of the Iffezheim reservoir
5th Apr11:30-12:00Elena MattaInvestigations of 3D wind- and density-induced flow in Icó- Mandantes bay, Northeast Brazil
5th Apr12:00-12:30Jiaheng ZhaoA DUNE based parallel shallow water model for simulating surface flow.
5th Apr13:30-14:00Ilhan ÖzgenAugmented Riemann solution for the shallow water equations with isotropic porosity
5th Apr14:00-14:30Aziz HassanOptimization methods for shallow water flow modeling
5th Apr14:30-15:00Anastasia LobanovaHydrological impacts of the high-end climate change across European river basins

WS 15/16

15th Mar09:00-09:30Qing ZhangModeling of long-term sediment transport
15th Mar09:30-10:00Isaac MartinezNumerical study about hydrologic barrier effects caused by a high permeable fault
15th Mar10:00-10:30Gwendolin PorstImplications of various stressors on the invertebrate communities of European (temporary) lakes
15th Mar10:30-11:00Nora AltenkirchCorrelation between hyporheic residence time distribution and whole stream metabolism using a hydrological process model
15th Mar11:15-11:45Tabea BroeckerFree-surface flow over streambeds with ripples and first application of an integral groundwater-surface water model
15th Mar11:45-12:15Katharina TeuberModeling two-phase air-water flow in closed ducts using OpenFOAM's solver interFoam
15th Mar12:15-12:45Faraz HabibValidation of 3D CFD simulations of unsteady aerodynamic experiment and rotor-tower interaction of downwind turbine using CFD code OpenFOAM
15th Mar13:45-14:15Elena MattaHigh resolution multi-dimensional modeling of hydrodynamics and transport in a Brazilian bay: scenarios towards sustainable water management
15th Mar14:15-14:45Gérsica Moraes N. Da SilvaNutrient emissions from net-cage aquaculture systems: local measurements and modeling simulations
15th Mar14:45-15:15Anastasia LobanovaLa guerra del agua? A split between water resources and water demands in the Alto Tajo, Spain
15th Mar15:15-15:45Qianwen HeNitrogen transport at large-scale catchment
15th Mar16:00-16:30Ilhan ÖzgenFlux and source term treatment for the anisotropic porosity shallow water equations on complex terrain with small water depths
15th Mar16:30-17:00Jiaheng ZhaoComparison between morphological models for predicting dam-break flows over movable beds
15th Mar17:00-17:30Martin FišerLimiting methods in discontinuous Galerkin method
15th Mar17:30-18:00Ming Fai ChowCharacterization and modeling of stormwater runoff pollution at tropical urban catchments

WS 14/15

12th Nov14:00-14:30Sebastian MüllerParameterstudie eines Niederschlag-Abfluss-Ereignisses in einem vereinfachten urbanen Einzugsgebiet hinsichtlich Rauhigkeit, Gefälle und Niederschlagsintensität
27th Nov10:00-10:30Shahin ShahsavariHochauflösende zweidimensionale Strömungssimulationen im Nahfeld von Einbauten zur Gewässerrenaturierung
7th Jan15:30-16:00Patrick StorzHydronumerische Modellrechnungen am Gewässer Panke im Bereich des Landes Brandenburg
22nd Jan11:00-11:30Yohannis B. TadesseIntegrated Modeling of Dike Breaches and Subsequent Inundation of Protected Areas
27th Jan17:30-18:00Katharina TeuberDevelopment of an upscaling approach to account for microtopography in shallow water models
18th Feb17:00-17:30Stephen WirthAuswirkungen eines Wasserüberleitungskanals auf die Strömungs- und Wasserqualitätsverhältnisse in der Icó-Mandantes Bucht
12th March9:10-9:40Elena MattaHigh resolution multi-dimensional modelling of hydrodynamics and water quality in a Brazilian bay
12th March9:40-10:10Jiaheng ZhaoNumerical Simulation of Sediment Transport
12th March10:10-10:25Sandra SeemanUntersuchungen zum Stofftransport in der Panke
12th March10:25-10:40Ayman JouriehTU Berlin - Campus El Gouna-Water Engineering Dept.
12th March11:00-11:30Ilhan ÖzgenShallow water equations with anisotropic porosity for inundated areas
12th March11:30-12:00Martin FischerNumerical Solutions of the Shallow Water Equations (FVM, DGFEM)
12th March12:00-12:30Mitra JahanbaziOverland flow simulation using Cellular Automata
12th March12:30-13:00Carsten LangeNew aspects in the "Panke Project" and overwiew of the new project "Marina Garden"
12th March13:30-14:00Mohamed MahgoubThree-Dimensional Flow and Transport Simulation of the Nile Estuary Taking into Account the Sea Level Rise
12th March14:00-14:30Qing ZhangSimulation of non-uniform sediment transport in the Iffezheim Reservoir
12th March14:30-15:00Anastasia LobanovaHydrological modelling of Tagus River with implementation of reservoirs module for impact assessment of high-end climate change scenarios. Updates from IMPRESSIONS Project
12th March15:00-15:30Isaaq Matinez NoguezFast water infiltration: a mechanism for fracture formation during land subsidence

SS 14

27th May10:00-10:30Katharina TeubnerNumerische Simulation von Niederschlags-Abfluss-Ereignissen in einem vereinfachten urbanen Einzugsgebiet unter Berücksichtigung von lokalen Depressionen
27th May14:00-14:30Mithra HajatiLake beds as hydraulic barriers to groundwater exchange: A multi-tracer study using stable isotopes and temperature
3rd July9:00-10:00Patrick StorzVergleichende Betrachtung einer 1D- und 2DSimulation für den Planugsabschnitt 03 des Gewässerentwicklungskonzeptes (GEK) „Panke“ des Landes Brandenburg
24th July11:00-12:00Mahmoud ShehataHigh Resolution 3D Model of Desalination Brine Spreading:Test cases and field case El Gouna, Egypt
25th August14:00-14:30Yuan HuiHigh Resolution 2D-Flood Simulation of the Urban River Panke in Berlin
25th August14:30-15:00Benyue ChenGIS-Based Pre- and Postprocessing for Flood Simulation of the Urban River Panke in Berlin

WS 13/14

04th Mar15:00-15:30Dr. Jingming HouRobust treatment for open boundary conditions in shallow
04th Mar15:30-16:00Dr. Jingming HouEfficient techniques for flood modelling with high resolution data
06th Mar09:00-12:00Prof. Hinkelmann, Ralf DudaHigh Performance Computing
20th Mar09:10-09:40Carsten LangeERP II Project: Model-based Design for Restoration of the urban River Panke
20th Mar09:40-10:10Qing ZhangImpact of the climate change on the hydrological processes in the Yangtze River Basin
20th Mar10:10-10:40Elena MattaMulti-dimensional high resolution water quality simulation in a Brazilian reservoir
20th Mar10:40-10:55Berken AgaogluInterphase mass transfer in porous media
20th Mar11:30-12:00Vikram NotayModel Coupling in Hydroinformatics Systems Through the Use of Autonomous Tensor Objects
20th Mar12:00-12:30Chi-Yu LiTime Series Scenario Composition Framework in Hydroinformatics System
20th Mar12:30-13:00Mohamed MahgoubUnderstanding the Behaviour of Gravity Currents in Tideless Estuaries and Considering the Impact of Sea Level Rise, Case Study: Nile Estuary
20th Mar14:00-14:15Jiaheng ZhaoSediment Transport in Rivers: Experiment Studies and Numerical Simulations
20th Mar14:15-14:30Lobanova AnastasiaAssessment of potential impacts of higher-end climate scenarios on hydrological processes and water related sectors in representative European river basins
20th Mar14:30-15:00Ilhan ÖzgenReduced complexity strategies for shallow water models
20th Mar15:00-15:30Isaaq Matinez NoguezImpacts of Fast Water Infiltration and Water Extraction on Deformation of Subsurface Structures with Fault Zones

SS 13

03th Jul11:00-12:30Prof. KimResearch Projects in Environmental Hydraulics Lab. of Honam University in Korea
15th-16th May12:00-13:10 and 14:00-15:30Prof. Michele La RoccaAn introduction to Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) for environmental hydraulics

WS 12/13

06th Feb9:30-11:30Dr. Qiuhua LiangCatchment system simulation using the GPU based shallow flow model
13th Mar10:00-11:00Ayman JouriehMulti-dimensional Simulation of flows and Transport in the Unterhavel River
13th Mar11:00-12:00Mohamed Mahgoub M.Sc.MscWater Resources management of the Egyptian coastal zones in the context of climate change
13th Mar13:30-14:30Dipl.-Ing. Franz SimonsA model for overland flow and associated processes within the Hydroinformatics Modeling System
13th Mar14:30-14:45Jingming Hou, M.Sc.ParaView used in shallow flow simulation
13th Mar14:45-15:45Ilhan Oezgen M.Sc.The INNOVATE Project
13th Mar15:45-16:45Dipl.-Ing. Carsten LangeConstruction and optimization of ecologically oriented structures in the river Panke
13th Mar16:45-17:45Qing Zhang M.Sc.Transfer China
21st Mar10:00-13:00Jingming Hou, M.Sc.An introduction to advanced numerical methods in simulating shallow flows and transport

SS 12

26th July10:30-11:30Prof. George ConstantinescuRole of coherent structures in controlling momentum and mass exchange processes at a natural river confluence
16th August10:30-11:30Dipl.-Geographin Friederike EppenDevelopment of a hydrologic and hydraulic model for the Jibatang River basin. A contribution to Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation in Samar Island, Philippines
13th September11:00-12:00Mr. Gerhard KapellerBeobachtung der Fließprozesse und Rutschbewegungen im alpinen Gelände mit Hilfe der verteilten faseroptischen Messung

WS 11/12

08th Sept9:30-11:30Prof. Michele LarrocaAn Introduction to the Lattice Boltzmann Method
13th Oct9:30-11:30Bakk. Ayman Jourieh, M.Sc.Multidimensional Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamics and Transport Processes in an Urban Water System
13th Oct9:30-11:30Mohamed Mahgoub, M.Sc.Water Resources Management of the Egyptian Coastal Zones in the Context of Climate Change
2rd Feb9:30-11:30Dipl.-Ing. Franz SimonsWhat's up? What's next?
2rd Feb9:30-11:30Jingming Hou, M.Sc.The Drawbacks of High Order TVD Schemes for Transport Simulation

WS 10/11

27th Jan9:30-11:30Dipl.-Ing. Leopard StadlerDuMux - The Neverending Story
27th Jan9:30-11:30Isaac Martinez Noguez, M.Sc.Modeling Landsubsidence and Associated Effects
3rd Mar9:30-11:30Vikram Notay, M.Sc.Information Exchange in Model Coupling through the Use of Tensor Objects
3rd Mar9:30-11:30Chi-Yu Li, M.Sc.Information Mining for TS Data - Event Extraction & Further Work
17th Mar9:30-11:30Ihan ÖzgenSimulation of Natural Surface Runoff in Consideration of Infiltration in The Unsaturated Zone
17th Mar9:30-11:30Christian AdamczakImplementierung von systemabhängigen Randbedingungen für Zweiphasen-Strömungen in porösen Medien
7th Apri9:30-11:30Dipl.-Ing. Carsten LangeVorstellung des Projektes "Hyd³Flow" - Eine praxisxorientierte Kopplung hydrologischer, hydro-numerischer und hydro-informatischer Modellierungssysteme für eine verbesserte Hochwasservorhersage

SS 10

12th May15:00-16:00Robert TaraszGas exchange between water and air in the lowland river Spree
09th Jun11:00-12:30Dipl.-Ing. Frank ReussnerUmsetzung und Potential der integrierten Modellierung mit OpenMI
25th Aug11:00-12:30Victor MaschkeBlechhammermühle: Projektstudie und Konzeption einer Wasserkraftanlage an der Schwarza
27th Aug11:00-12:30Yi ZhouExtension of a Shallow Water Flow and Transport Model by Reaction Processes for Dissolved Pollutants
02rd Sept11:00-12:30Susanne DrawertEindimensionale instationäre Wasserspiegellagenberechnung eines Teilabschnitts der Panke zur Beschreibung der Abflussverhältnisse für den Ist-Zustand sowie einen naturnahen Ausbauzustand
07rd Sept11:00-12:30Simone GroßErstellung eines Fischaufstiegs am historischen Stauwehr des Baarbachs im Museumsdorf Barendorf

WS 09/10

07th Oct15:15-16:15Prof. Dr. János JózsaWind-induced shallow water hydrodynamics: an exposure to extreme space and time variations
25th Feb9:30-12:30Dipl.-Ing. Carsten LangeHochwasserschutzkonzept Baiserdorf - Präsentation der Endergebnisse
25th Feb9:30-12:30Dipl.-Ing. Yunchol OmPre- und Postprozessing in der Fließgewässermodellierung
25th March9:30-12:30Bakk. Ayman JouriehMulti-dimensional Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamics and Transport in an Urban Water System
25th March9:30-12:30Ihan.ÖzgenEine Einführung in die Turbulenzmodellierung für Fließgewässer
29rd Apr9:30-12:30Jingming Hou, M.ScAdvanced Methods for Numerical Diffusion Diminishing in Transport Simulation
29rd Apr9:30-12:30Dipl.-Ing. Franz SimonsApproximate Riemann Solver for Solving the Shallow Water Equations and a Generalized Numerics Concept


11th Jun09:00-12:00Isaac Martinez Noguez, M.Sc.Ground Water Replenishment by Fractured-Porous Subsurface Structures for Reducing Land Subsidence
6th Aug09:30-12:30Prof. Dr-Ing. Reinhard HinkelmannHigh Performance Computing in Hydro- and Environmental Simulation
27th Aug09:30-12:30Vikram Notay, M.Sc.Coupling of Numerical Models — HMS and Turtle
27th Aug09:30-12:30Chi-Yu Li, M.Sc.Information Mining Concept for Scenario Identification - A First Attempt
24th Sept09:30-12:30Dr-Ing. Ali Naghi Ziaei3D Free Surface Modeling in Vortex Setteling Chamber


11th Dec09:30-12:30Dipl.-Ing. Franz SimonsWeiterentwicklung einer Finite-Volumen-Methode für die Flachwassergleichungen zur Simulation des Oberflächenabflusses im Gewässer und im Gelände
11th Dec09:30-12:30Dipl.-Ing. Mirko SchankatFlow, Transport, Reactions - Modelling All Relevant Processes in Near-Shore Processes in a Single System
22rd Jan09:30-12:30Dipl.-Ing. Carsten LangeHochwasserschutzkonzept Baiersdorf - Ziele und Vorgehen
22rd Jan09:30-12:30Dipl.-Ing. Sandra SeemannHydronumerische Strömungsmodellierung des Gewässersystems der Wasserstadt Köpenick 
2rd Feb09:30-12:30Prof. Dr-Ing. Reinhard HinkelmannTitle-Coupling of Flow and Deformation Processes for Modeling the Movement of Natural Slopes
2rd Feb09:30-12:30Dipl.-Ing. Leopard StadlerModelling Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media - The Sisyphus Quest: Initial Conditions, Boundary Conditions and Soil Properties
2rd Feb09:30-12:30Dipl.-Ing. Tobias BusseA Holistic Approach for Modelling Environmental Process
12th Mar09:30-12:30Mohie Omar, M.Sc.Drainage Water Purification in Saline Detention Ponds with Duckweeds
12th Mar09:30-12:30Deniz Karadas, M.Sc.Groundwater Flow Modeling & Calibration Process Between Tahtalı River and Nif Mountain of Izmir City