Verkehrssystemplanung und Verkehrstelematik

MATSim Visualizer


This project is the home of an experimental web-based visualization platform for exploring MATSim outputs.

Scientific researchers and academics have many tools to choose from for data visualization, including both open-source and commercial offerings. However, a significant gap exists for decisionmakers and the general public: without advanced technical skill, it is quite difficult or expensive to produce understandable graphics and visualizations from the large volumes of data that a MATSim run produces.

In just the past few years, the open web has gained enough speed and graphical capability to possibly serve as next-generation visualization platform. Theoretically, any user with a recent web browser could have access to advanced visualization capabilities. This could have far-reaching consequences for decisionmakers, planners, and the public.

Thus, this project will explore the capabilities and limits of using internet browser technology for MATSim visualization.


Prof. Dr. Kai Nagel, TU Berlin

William Charlton M.Sc., Wiss. Mitarbeiter