Verkehrssystemplanung und Verkehrstelematik

MATH+ - Nash flows over time in transport and evacuation simulation


This interdisciplinary project aims to make progress at the intersection of network flows, algorithmic game theory, and traffic simulation and control. The goal is to gain a better structural understanding and, based upon this, provide efficient algorithmic methods to handle real-world traffic scenarios, e.g., in the context of evacuation planning. To this end, in interdisciplinary collaboration between mathematicians and traffic engineers, advanced flow over time models for dynamic user equilibria will be developed and mathematically analyzed. Solutions resulting from novel flow over time methods will be empirically evaluated and integrated into the large-scale agent-based transport simulation tool MATSim.




Prof. Dr. Kai Nagel, TU Berlin

M.Sc. Sebastian Müller, TU Berlin


Prof. Dr. Martin Skutella, TU Berlin

Leon Sering, ETH Zurich 

Laura Vargas Koch, RWTH Aachen


Theresa Ziemke and Leon Sering and Laura Vargas Koch and Max Zimmer and Kai Nagel and Martin Skutella (2021). Flows Over Time as Continuous Limit of Packet-Based Network Simulations.  Transportation Research Procedia. Elsevier BV, 123–130.