Technische Chemie / ECEMS-Gruppe

The Electrochemical Catalysis, Energy and Materials Sciences Group

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Large-scale commercialization and the exploitation of clean and efficient energy conversion technologies are limited in part by the lack of usable and viable materials.

  • Affordable hydrogen fuel cells require new low-platinum active and stable electrocatalysts and inexpensive stable membranes.
  • Advanced lithium-ion batteries will not be possible without new efficient and safe Li storage electrode materials.
  • Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production devices require low photoefficient band gaps in the semiconductors with catalyst coatings for efficient gas evolution.
  • And efficient electrolytic cells for storing and converting excess electricity require efficient and stable electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution.

Our research focuses on materials science and catalysis of nanostructured materials for clean energy storage and conversion technologies such as the hydrogen fuel cell, high energy density batteries, (photo)electrochemical conversion of solar energy/electricity into fuels and chemicals. Our research contributes to our fundamental understanding of these technologies and their devices and will help lay the foundation for future clean energy technologies to become a reality. Therefore, we contribute to a large-scale introduction to electric mobility and the storage and conversion of surplus electricity, two of the key technologies today.