Mechanik, insbesondere Strukturmechanik und Strukturberechnung

Introduction to Biomechanics

Basic understanding of the application of mechanical principles in biology, basic understanding of anatomical and biomechanical terminology, application of biomechanical principles to human movement, application of kinematic and kinetic measures to linear and angular human motion in order to quantify various aspects of movement, basic understanding of the mechanical properties of biological tissues and the techniques used to determine them.


Introduction to the Biomechanics of the Human Movement

  • Human body kinematics
  • Human body kinetics
  • Analysis of human movement: numerical and experimental methods
  • Gait analysis

Mechanics of Biological Tissues

  • Structure and function of biological tissues
  • Mechanical properties of biological tissues
  • Mechanical testing of biological tissues
  • Modelling and simulation of biological tissues

Introduction to the state of the art topics

  • Tissue Engineering
  • Cell mechanics

Introduction to the Biomechanics of Knee, Hip and Spine Joints

  • Structure and function of these joints
  • Mechanical behavior of these joints
  • Design and simulation of prostheses for these joints