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Project and Theses in Telecommunication Security

Thesis/project topics in 5G for 2024 (reach out to Dr. Altaf Shaik)

  1. Security Analysis of 5G Network Slices: Investigating vulnerabilities and threats within different 5G network slices.
  2. Penetration Testing of 5G Core Networks: Assessing the resilience of 5G core networks against various cyber threats.
  3. Vulnerability Analysis of 5G APIs: Assessing the security of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in 5G networks.
  4. Machine Learning for 5G Anomaly Detection: Developing and implementing machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies in 5G networks.
  5. Threat Intelligence for 5G Networks: Developing threat intelligence frameworks tailored for the unique challenges of 5G environments.

Reach out to Dr. Altaf Shaik (a.shaik(at)


If you are interested in working on an exciting and cutting-edge research project or thesis in the next generation of telecommunication security, then you are in the right place. At SecT, we are investigating the security of a radically new telco architecture known as Open Radio Access Networks (ORAN). Think of ORAN as the interesection of telecommunications and cloud networking. We have multiple research directions to pursue in this area and we are looking for highly motivated and excellent students to join us in our passion to make our next generation telco infrastructure open, fast and secure. You will have the opportunity to make a real world impact as this research involves real software. You will have the opportunity to contribute changes at various levels to the ORAN community, e.g., software and system design, ORAN architecture, software vulnerabilties and CVEs, open-source community and academic community. If you are interested, contact Dr. Kashyap Thimmaraju via email (kashyap.thimmaraju(at) for a project or thesis.