Security in Telecommunications

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Augmenting Motherboards for precise Fault Injection attacks against X86 CPUs Fault Injection (FI) attacks against fully-fledged x86 CPUs are a thing [Buhren21, JW23, Murdock19, Chen21]. These FI attacks leverage the on-board Voltage Regulator (VR) to cause a voltage drop on one of the CPU's powerrails. We are looking for an EE or CE student (or a student with EE knowledge) to build/work on an FI setup that bypasses the VR.Niklas Jacob
Analyzing the fuse readout and write protection of the AMD Secure Coprocesso rWe have hacked the AMD Secure Coprocessor [Buhren21, JW23], but we want to go further... Can we attack the fues and gain never-before seen access to the AMD SP?Niklas Jacob
Developing a Fuzzing Setup for the AMD Secure Coprocessor’s X86 interfaces The AMD Secure Coprocessor (ASP) is a highly privileged part of modern AMD CPUs. During normal operation it communicates with the x86 Operating System. This boundary might be an attacker's gate into never before seen privilege ... that's why we want to continue our fuzzing endeavours [ASPFuzz] here.Niklas Jacob
Investigating printer firmware for vulnerabilities We would like to investigate if modern printers are prone to physical attacks like firmware updates over USB/JTAG/other interfaces and how these can be exploited in air-gapped environments to exfiltrate sensitive data.Christian Werling