Gastwissenschaftliches Personal

Yifan Yang, M.Sc.

Yifan Yang has been a doctoral candidate at the Department of Rail Vehicles since 2022.

He obtained his master’s degree from State Key Laboratory of Traction Power (TPL) in Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) in 2022, specializing in locomotive-track coupled dynamics. The title of his master’s thesis is “Analyses on Dynamic Response Characteristics and Structural Optimization of the Heavy-Haul Locomotive Coil Spring”, in which the root cause of the locomotive coil spring fracture was analyzed and corresponding optimization scheme was proposed.

His doctoral work in this department focused on the train-track interaction and wear problem. He is also interested in the health condition monitoring and maintenance technology for rail vehicles.

Yichang Zhou, M.Sc.

Yichang Zhou has been a doctoral candidate in the Department of Rail Vehicles since 2019.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Jilin University in 2016.  In his undergraduate design, he developed a test platform for detecting the tyre rotation angle in the commercial software Solidworks. He received the master’s degree from Southwest Jiaotong University in 2019. His master's thesis was to investigate the influence of heavy haul locomotive’s parameters on the stability of the carbody−coupler coupling system.

His doctoral work in this department focused on the longitudinal train dynamics, including analysis of in-train forces during traction and braking, design of wagon connection system (couplers and draft gears), and study of endurable longitudinal compressive forces for wagons negotiating S-shaped curves. Automatic train operation and application of small-diameter wheels are potential areas of his research.