Robotics and Biology Laboratory

Furkan Davulcu

Gebäude MAR
Raum MAR 5.065


Generating Robust and General Real-World Behavior by Exploiting Regularities at Multiple Levels of Abstraction

This project aims to enhance complex, robust, and general robot manipulation learning through inductive biases based on structured regularities in the perception/action space. The biases will be hierarchical and composed of regularities at different levels of abstraction. They will be validated in a contact-rich manipulation task using a highly capable hand/arm system with multi-modal sensors, resulting in a powerful and data-efficient learning approach.

Short CV

  • Since 2022
    • PhD student at Robotics and Biology Laboratory, TU Berlin
  • 2019 2022
    • M.Sc. Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University
  • 2014 2019
    • B.Sc. Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University