Mechanik, Fachgebiet Systemdynamik und Reibungsphysik

Prof. Dr. Ivan Argatov

Gebäude M
Raum 248
Adresse Str. des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin


2000Doctor of Science (Habilitation), St. Petersburg State University
1995Candidate of Sciences in Solid Mechanics (equiv. to Ph.D. degree), St. Petersburg State University
1991Diploma in Mechanics (equiv. to M.Sc. degree), Leningrad State Univers

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang

2012–2014Professor of Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Oulu, Finland
2010–2012Marie Curie Research Professor, Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Aberystwyt University, United Kingdom
2006–2009Leading Researcher (Research Professor), Laboratory of Friction and Wear, Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences
2001–2007Professor of Solid Mechanics (adjunct appointment), St. Petersburg State University
2005–2006Professor of Mathematics, Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy
1997–2004Associate Professor, Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy
1995–1997Assistant Professor, Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy