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Updated: February 17, 2004

3. Announcement

German-Russian Workshop

Development of Surface Topography in Friction Processes

Technical University Berlin

29. March 2004 - 1. April 2004


One of the most important problems of friction physics is the formation and development of the surface topography of friction partners during the friction process. Experimental investigations show that the development of surface topography is an important and in some cases decisive factor determining the friction and wear properties of tribological systems. However, there is only a small number of papers devoted to this problem. We are sure that the cause of this is not necessarily the complexity of the problem, but the absence of good ideas, how the problem could be approached experimentally and theoretically. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together specialists from different areas of research (physics, tribology, materials science, engineering, numerical simulation methods) and industry in order to discuss the present state of research in the area and to formulate a theoretical and experimental program for future investigations.


- Contact mechanics of real surfaces with measured topography

- Interrelation of the material structure and surface topography

- Development of surface topography and its influence on the friction processes

- Simulation of mass transport in the friction area on the micro meter scale

- Mass transport out of the friction zone and wear

- Numerical simulation methods for development of surface topography


The Workshop will take place at the TU Berlin, building MS, room MS 107, Einsteinufer 5, D-10587 Berlin (see campus plan of the Berlin Technical University).

Publication of contributions

The papers presented at the Workshop will be published - after the usual reviewing procedure - as a special Issue of "Tribology International".

Deadline for submission of Papers

If you are interested in the publication of your paper presented at the Workshop, please submit it to the address below not later than April 30, 2004.

Conference fee: 50,- € for participants from industry only.


Please fill in the registration form and send it to the address below not later than March 15, 2004.

Organisation & Contact

Prof. Dr. Valentin Popov                           

TU Berlin

Institute of Mechanics

Sekr. C8-4

Str. des 17. Juni 135

D-10623 Berlin, Germany 


Tel: +49 (30) 314 21 480

Fax.: +49 (30) 314 72 575

E-mail: v.popov(at)