Technische Chemie/Mehrphasenreaktionstechnik

Publikationen 2013 - 2014

Thermal Reaction Analysis of Oxidative Coupling of Methane

Godini, Hamid Reza and Fleischer, Vinzenz and Goerke, Oliver and Jaso, Stanislav and Schomaecker, Reinhard and Wozny, Guenter

Chemie Ingenieur Technik2014, 86 , 1906–1915.

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Investigation of sol-gel supported palladium catalysts for Heck coupling reactions in o/w-microemulsions

Volovych, I. and Kasaka, Y. and Schwarze, M. and Nairoukh, Z. and Blum, J. and Fanun, M. and Avnir, D. and Schomaecker, R.

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A-chemical2014, 393 , 210–221.

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Enhanced catalytic performance of MnxOy-Na2WO4/SiO2 for the oxidative coupling of methane using an ordered mesoporous silica support

Yildiz, M., Aksu, Y., Simon, U., Kailasam, K., Goerke, O., Rosowski, F., Schomäcker, R., Thomas, A., Arndt, S.

Chemical Communications2014, 50(92) , 14440-14442.

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Support material variation for the MnxOy-Na2WO4/SiO2 catalyst

Yildiz, M., Simon, U., Otremba, T., Aksu, Y., Kailasam, K., Thomas, A., Schomäcker, R., Arndt, S.

Catalysis Today2014, 228 , 5-14.

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Oxidative coupling of methane - A complex surface/gas phase mechanism with strong impact on the reaction engineering

Beck, B., Fleischer, V., Arndt, S., Hevia, M.G., Urakawa, A., Hugo, P., Schomäcker, R.

Catalysis Today2014, 228 , 212-218.

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Cyclotrimerisation of alkynes vs. ketone formation in aqueous microemulsion

Nairoukh, Z.; Fanun, M.; Schwarze, M.; Schomäcker, R. and Blum, J.

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical2014, 382 , 93-98.

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High performance (VOx)(n)-( TiOx)(m)/SBA-15 catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane

Carrero, Carlos and Kauer, Markus and Dinse, Arne and Wolfram, Till and Hamilton, Neil and Trunschke, Annette and Schloegl, Robert and Schomaecker, Reinhard

Catalysis Science & Technology2014, 4 , 786–794.

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Critical literature review of the kinetics for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over well-defined supported vanadium oxide catalysts

Carrero, C.; Schlögl, R.; Wachs, I. E. and Schomä

ACS Catalysis2014, 4 , 3357-3380.

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Character of water/n-propanol/nonionic surfactant/phenylacetylene microemulsions

Fanun, M. and Shakarnah, A. and Schw and Schomäcker, R. and Nairoukh, Z. and Blum, J.

European Chemical Bulletin2014, 3(1) , 81-84.

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Sol-gel method for synthesis of Mn-Na2WO4/SiO2 catalyst for methane oxidative coupling

Godini, H. R. and Gili, A. and Goerke, O. and Arndt, S. and Simon, U. and Thomas, A. and Schomaecker, R. and Wozny, G.

Catalysis Today2014, 236 , 12–22.

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Niobium: Activator and Stabilzer for a Copper-Based Deacon Catalyst

Hammes, M. and Soerijanto, H. and Schomäcker, R. and Valtchev, M. and Stöwe, K. and Maier, W. F.

ChemCatChem2014, inpress , –.

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Visible light driven non-sacrificial water oxidation and dye degradation with silver phosphates multi-faceted morphology matters

Indra, A. and Menezes, P. W. and Schwarze, M. and Driess, M.

New Journal of Chemistry2014, 38 , 1942-1945.

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Catalytic Activity of Mono- and Bi-Metallic Nanoparticles Synthesized via Microemulsions

König, R. Y. G. and Schwarze, M. and Schomäcker, R. and Stubenrauch, C.

Catalysts2014, 4 , 256-275.

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Nanostructured manganese oxides as highly active water oxidation catalysts: A boost from manganese precursor chemistry

Menezes, P.W., Indra, A., Littlewood, P., Schwarze, M., Göbel, C., Schomäcker, R., Driess, M.

ChemSusChem2014, 7(8) , 2202-2211.

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Support effect in the preparation of supported metal catalysts via microemulsion

Parapat, R.Y., Saputra, O.H.I., Ang, A.P., Schwarze, M., Schomäcker, R.

RSC Advances2014, 4(92) , 50955-50963.

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Comparison of the activity of a rhodium-biphephos catalyst in thermomorphic solvent mixtures and microemulsions

Rost, A., Brunsch, Y., Behr, A., Schomäcker, R.

Chemical Engineering and Technology2014, 37(6) , 1055-1064.

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Impact of the reaction conditions on the photocatalytic reduction of water on mesoporous polymeric carbon nitride under sunlight irradiation

Schroeder, M. and Kailasam, K. and Rudi, S. and Richter, M. and Thomas, A. and Schomaecker, R. and Schwarze, M.

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy2014, 39 , 10108–10120.

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Applying thermo-destabilization of microemulsions as a new method for co-catalyst loading on mesoporous polymeric carbon nitride - towards large scale applications

Schroeder, M. and Kailasam, K. and Rudi, S. and Fuendling, K. and Riess, J. and Lublow, M. and Thomas, A. and Schomaecker, R. and Schwarze, M.

Rsc Advances2014, 4 , 50017–50026.

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Oleylethoxycarboxylate - An efficient surfactant for copper extraction and surfactant recycling via micellar enhanced ultrafiltration

Schwarze, M. and Chiappisi, L. and Prevost, S. and Gradzielski, M.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science2014, 421 , 184-190.

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Recent developments in hydrogenation and hydroformylation in surfactant systems

Schwarze, M., Pogrzeba, T., Seifert, K., Hamerla, T., Schomäcker, R.

Catalysis Today2014, - , in press.

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Sol-gel immobilized catalyst systems for tandem transformations with trans-stilbene as an intermediate

Volovych, I. and Schwarze, M. and Nairoukh, Z. and Blum, J. and Fanun, M. and Schomaecker, R.

Catalysis Communications2014, 53 , 1–4.

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Catalytic transfer hydrogenation of hydrophobic substrates by water-insoluble hydrogen donors in aqueous microemulsions

Batarseh, Charlie and Nairoukh, Zackaria and Volovych, Iryna and Schwarze, Michael and Schomäcker, Reinhard and Fanun, Monzer and Blum, Jochanan

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical2013, 366 , 210-214.

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Anomalous reactivity of supported V2O5 nanoparticles for propane oxidative dehydrogenation: Influence of the vanadium oxide precursor

Carrero, C. and Keturakis, C. and Orrego, A. and Schomäcker, R. and Wachs, I.

Dalton Transactions2013, 42(35) , 12644-12653.

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Decarbonylation of water insoluble carboxaldehydes in aqueous microemulsions by some sol-gel entrapped catalysts

Dahoah, S. and Nairoukh, Z. and Schwarze, M. and Schomäcker, R. and Blum, J.

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical2013, 380 , 90-93.

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Exploring the struture of paramagnetic centers in SBA-15 supported vanadia Catalysts with pulsed one- and two-dimensional Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) and Electron Nulcear Double Resonance (ENDOR)

Dinse, A. and Wolfram, T. and Carrero, C. and Schlögl, R. and Schomäcker, R. and Dinse, K.-P.

Journal of Physical Chemistry C2013, 117 (33) , 16921-16932.

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Phase behavior and Physicochemical Properties of Water/ Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide /n-Propanol/Allylbenzene Micellar Systems

Fanun, M. and Shakarnah, A. and Mustafa, O. and Schwarze, M. and Schomäcker, R. and Blum, J.

European Chemical Bulletin2013, 2(9) , 606-610.

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Hydroformylation of 1-Dodecene with Water-Soluble Rhodium Catalysts with Bidentate Ligands in Multiphase Systems

Hamerla, T. and Rost, A. and Kasaka, Y. and Schomäcker, R.

ChemCatChem2013, 5 , 1854-1862.

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Mass transfer phenomena in micellar multiphase systems investigated for a hydroformylation reaction

Hamerla, T. and Paul, N. and Kraume, M. and Schomäcker, R.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik2013, 85 (10) , 1530-1539.

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Process design for the separation of three liquid pphase a continous hydrofomylation process in a miniplant scale

Müller, M. and Kasaka, Y. and Müller, D. and Schomäcker, R. and Wozny, G.

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research2013, 52(22) , 7259-7264.

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Towards a novel process concept for the hydroformylation of higher alkenes: Mini-plant operation strategies via model development and optimal experimental design

Müller, D. and Minh, D. and Merchan, V. and Arellano-Garcia, H. and Kasaka, Y. and Müller, M. and Schomäcker, R. and Wozny, G.

Chemical Engineering Science2013, - , in Press.

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Adsorption and filtration behaviour of non-ionic surfactants during reverse micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration

Nguyen, L.A.T. and Minding, M. and Schwarze, M. and Drews, A. and Schomäcker, R. and Kraume, M.

Journal of Membrane Science2013, 433 , 80-87.

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Comparison of phase transfer agents in the aqueous biphasic hydroformylation of higher alkenes

Nowothnick, H. and Rost, A. and Hamerla, T. and Schomäcker, R. and Müller, C. and Vogt, D.

Catalysis Science and Technology2013, 3 , 600-605.

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What Makes a Good Catalyst for the Deacon Process?

Over, H. and Schomäcker, R.

ACS Catalysis2013, 3(5) , 1034-1046.

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Particle shape optimization by changing from an isotropic to an anisotropic nanostructure: preparation of highly active and stable supported Pt catalysts in microemulsions

Parapat, Riny Y. and Wijaya, Muliany and Schwarze, Michael and Selve, Sören and Willinger, Marc and Schomäcker, Reinhard

Nanoscale2013, 5 , 796-805.

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Development of continuous process for the hydroformylation of long-chain olefins in aqueous multiphase systems

Rost, A. and Hamerla, T. and Kasaka, Y. and Wozny, G. and Schomäcker, R.

Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification2013, 67 , 130-135.

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Quantification of photocatalytic hydrogen evolution

Schwarze, M. and Stellmach, D. and Schröder, M. and Kailasam, K. and Reske, R. and Thomas, A. and Schomäcker, R.

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics2013, 15 , 3466-3472.

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Entwicklung eines Reaktors zur standardisierten Quantifizierung der photokatalytischen Wasserstofferzeugung

Schwarze, M. and Schröder, M. and Stellmach, D. and Kailasam, K. and Thomas, A. and Schomäcker, R.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik2013, 85 , 500-507.

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Enantioselective hydrogenation of itaconic acid and its derivates with sol-gerl immobilized Rh/BPPM catalysts

Volovych, Irina and Schwarze, Michael and Hamerla, Tobias and Blum, Jochanan and Schomäcker, Reinhard

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical2013, 266 , 359-367.

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One pot synthesis of supported, nanocrystalline nickel manganese oxide for dry reforming of methane.

Xie, X. and Otremba, T. and Littlewood, P. and Schomäcker, R. and Thomas, A.

ACS Catalysis2013, 3 , 224-229.

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Producing high-molecular poly-L-lactic acid by directly polycondensing L-lactic acid using melt-phase condensation and then solid-phase condensation, involves subjecting L-latic acid in presence of acidic and supported solid catalyst


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