Spacecraft Control Theory


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- Equation of motion for rigid-body spacecraft with a combination of redundant configurations of magnetic actuators, reaction wheels, and fluid-dynamic actuators.

- Application of fluid-dynamic attitude control for the implementation of highly agile attitude control maneuvers on small satellites.

- Analysis of the stability of complex attitude control systems using Lyapunov's second method.

- Passive attitude stabilization with booms and tethered spacecraft. - Orbit control using tethered spacecraft.

Learning Outcome

After successful completion of this module, students will be able to analyze and design spacecraft control algorithms for spacecraft with, magnetic control actuators, reaction wheels, fluid-dynamic actuators, and a combination of the aforementioned actuators. They will be further able to work with tethered spacecraft. For the aforementioned cases the students will be able to determine stability of the developed control algorithms using Lyapunov's second method.