Quality and Usability

Wafaa Wardah

I am a Ph.D. student at the Quality & Usability Lab at Technische Universität Berlin.

My previous education was at the University of the South Pacific, where I did my Bachelor of Software Engineering and Master of Science degrees. My thesis was on developing a deep learning method for predicting protein-peptide binding sites from protein sequences. I received Gold Medal and Prize for the most outstanding Master of Science thesis at the university that year.

Currently, I am interested in the physics of sound, human perception of speech, and communication technologies. For my Ph.D., I am investigating deep learning methods to automate assessment of speech signal transmission quality, and develop a model for identifying root causes of degradation in speech transmission.

Courses, Seminars & Projects at Q&U Lab:

  • Biometric Identification & Verification Seminar
  • Multimodal Interaction (MOOC)
  • Speech Quality - student project for Advanced Projects at the Q&U Lab
  • Herby - student project for Projekt Medienerstellung
  • Non-intrusive Speech Quality Estimation Master Thesis supervisoin