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Sai Sirisha Rallabandi



I am Sai Sirisha Rallabandi, a Ph.D. student working with Professor Sebastian Möller at Technische Universität Berlin. Prior to this I did my Masters by Research at International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIITH), India. My research interests are: Text-to-Speech Synthesis, Voice Conversion and Cross-Lingual tasks. During my Ph.D. I will be working on "Social perceptions of Synthetic speakers". Here, I will mainly focus on understanding the speech features contributing to personality of a person. Furthermore, I will be modeling the speech features or the synthesis procedure itself for rendering more appealing and confident synthetic voices.


Research Activites

1) Research Intern at National University of Singapore 


2) Visiting Research Scholar at Carnegie Mellon University

3) Research Assistant at Speech Processing Laboratory

Masters thesis

Here is the Cover Letter I wrote along with my P.hD. application 


Contact details:


Phone number: 4915163100774



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Rallabandi, Sai Sirisha
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Herausgeber: ISCA, ISCA