Quality and Usability

Navid Ashrafi


E-Mail: ashrafi@tu-berlin.de / navid.ashrafi@hshl.de


Navid Ashrafi obtained his Master’s degree in August 2022 from Technische Universität Berlin, specializing in computer graphics, machine learning, and data analysis. Subsequently, in December 2022, he embarked on his Ph.D. journey through a collaborative initiative between TU Berlin and Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt, known as the MIA-PROM project. This endeavor seeks to revolutionize the digitalization of healthcare-related questionnaires, with a focus on enhancing the overall patient experience and streamlining bureaucratic processes in healthcare.

Navid is currently engaged in pioneering research that delves into the assessment of the quality of user experience within medical applications featuring physical and/or virtual agents as integral assistants.

His multifaceted involvement extends to research and teaching activities across both Berlin and Lippstadt locations, where he actively participates in diverse projects concurrently. These projects encompass cutting-edge investigations in areas such as eye-tracking, virtual reality-based exposure therapy, synthetic data generation, and augmented reality.

In the trajectory of his academic pursuits, Navid is strategically poised to articulate his doctoral dissertation, focusing on the nuanced application of immersive media and mixed reality (XR) in the healthcare domain. His aspirations include making substantial contributions to addressing prevailing research gaps in this specialized field.

Research Area:

Immersive user-centered applications in healthcare.

Research Themes:

Immersive Reality, XR Technologies, Game Development, User-Centric Designt, Eye-Tracking, QoE in Healthcare Applications

Research Project:

• Since August 2022: MIA-PROM (A multimodal healthcare application to Assist patients with digital questionnaires using a virtual agent)

Teaching Assisting with:

  • Introduction to C/C++ Programming at Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt
  • Interdisciplinary media project at Technical Univerity of Berlin


  • ●  Navid Ashrafi, Vera Schmitt, Robert P. Spang, Sebastian Möller, and Jan-Niklas Voigt-Antons. 2023. Protect and Extend - Using GANs for Synthetic Data Generation of Time-Series Medical Records. In 2023 15th International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX). 171–176. https://doi.org/10.1109/

  • ●  Navid Ashrafi, Vanessa Neuhaus, Francesco Vona, Nicolina Peric, Youssef Shiban, Jan-Niklas Voigt-Antons. 2024. “Effect of external characteristics of a virtual human being during the use of a computer-assisted therapy tool”. In HCI International 2024 26th international conference on human-computer interaction.


Thesis Work

Master, 2021/22:
GAN-Based Synthetic Medical Data Generation: Model comparison and evaluation to determine usability and privacy preservation of the synthetically generated data