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Aktuelle Themen für Bachelor und Masterarbeiten

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Laufende Abschlussarbeiten

MAMohammad AhmadRecurring Payments for Smart Contracts - A Decentralized Solution Based on Chainlink KeepersNico Schönnagel
MALucy Viola PagelAutomated Detection of Video Conferencing Fatigue using Biosignal AnalysisDr. rer. nat. Robert Spang
MAJulia BöhlkeCan Difficulty Options Improve Flow Experience in a Mental Arithmetic Training Game?Dr. rer. nat. Robert Spang
BAAlexander KensImplementing and evaluating the user experience in a scientific web-appDr.-Ing. Christine Kühnel, Morit Schlie
BADaniel AnakievSoftware Engineering Process for an Interface for Multimodal News AnalysisPremtim Sahitaj
BAJustin Eduard HulhaTranslating Natural Language to SQL: Leveraging Language Models for Database Query GenerationAdnan Ahmad
MADanai GeorgiouRobustness and Validity of State-of-the-Art Speaker Verification SystemsCarlos Franzreb (DFKI)
MABilal RahouStreaming speaker diarization: a compromise between latency and accuracyHervé Bredin
BANikola MihaylovHolistic Exploration Of User Experience And Cybersickness in Dynamic Augmented Reality User InterfacesMaurizio Vergari
BAChandimal Galmangoda GurugePrediction of perceptual quality dimensions of text generated with LLMSShushen Manakhimova (DFKI)
BAAlbin CekajInvestigating Gender Bias in Telecommunications Speech Quality PerceptionWafaa Wardah
MAMartin BurghartAssessing Corporate Sustainability Efforts via Natural Language ProcessingCharlott Jakob
MASherif OmarNatural Language Programming Improving a Dialogue Systems for End-User Programming of Social RobotsStefan Hillmann
BARebeka Fanni ZimmermannA Comparative Analysis of German Question Answering ModelsPhiline Kowol
BABen Niclas HauptvogelLanguage Medling with Reinforcement Learning from Human Feeback with Weak SupervisionMalte Ostendorff (DFKI)
MARoman KupkovicInvestigating the Influence of Emotional Depth and Visual Detail in a Multimodal Artificial Intelligence Virtual Character on User Trust during Coaching SessionsNavid Ashrafi
MADanish AliInfluence of Multimodal Interactions Hand Tracking, Voice Commands, and Passthrough Technology on User Experience in Extended RealityDr.-Ing. Tanja Kojic
BAMaximilian BleickInvestigating the Echo Chamber Effect in LLM ChatbotsNils Feldhus, Dr. Aljoscha Burchardt (DFKI)
BAElla DanayAnalysis of perceptual quality dimensions of text generated with LLM with a focus on translation and summarizationShushana Manakhimova (DFKI)
BAJanis PiskolWeb interface for visualising translation from text to sign language videosDr. Eleftherios Avramidis (DFKI)
BAErvin NoguEnhancing User Experience: Intuitive Front-end for MATLAB Speech Database ToolWafaa Wardah
MAVivien JiranekDocument-Level Text Simplification for the German Language: Developing a Dataset to Assess the Feasibility of an Automated Monolingual Translation to Easy-to-Read LanguageDr.-Ing. Stefan Hillmann
MAHamza Ahmed SiddiquiPrivacy Behaviour, Privacy Literacy and their relation to Monetary Valuation of Data TypesVera Schmitt
MACan CalisirAutomatic Generation of Data Analytics Using Large Language ModelsCarlos Franzreb
BAJana MotowilowaAR Delights: How Customizing an Augmented Table Setup and Lighting Affect UX, Perceived Waiting Time, Social Acceptability, and Psychological Ownership in a Simulated Restaurant Envioment in Virtual RealityMaurizio Vergari

Abgeschlossene studentische Arbeiten

MAMultimodal SDG Detection In Sustainability ReportsVictor Cercos Llombart2024
BAPromting an LLM for the NLG of a Dialogue System Handling Health-related Questionnaire AnsweringXemena Wysokinska2024
BAComparing approaches for dialogue summarization for low resource languagesImene Ben Ammar2024
MAAutomated Information Extraction for the Evaluation of the Funding Guideline "Digitalization of Municipal Transport Systems" Using NLP and Deep LearningAlexandre Knihar2024
MATowards a novel classification of table types in scholarly publicationsJilin He2024
MAAssessing Greenwashing through Targeted Sentiment AnalysisRania Mokni2024
BAWave-U-Net based Speech-Music Classification: A Comparative Evaluation and AnalysisZain Alabden Hazzouri2024
BAImproving a pupillometry signal through video luminance modulationLeon Schreiber2024
MAThe Economic Perspective of Privacy - Examination of Different Methods for Monetary QuantificationTingyu Song2024
BAInvestigating Technology Users and their connections to VR, including Gaming, Privacy and Flow AspectsGloria Edda Führer2024
MAGame-Based Motivation of EmployeesSina Hummerich2024
MAActive and Passive Risk Perception in Relation to Monetary Valuation of PrivacyDuc Anh Nguyen2024
MAEnhancing the Information Extraction from Clinical Trials with Large Language ModelsJasper Julius Spierling2024
MAHate speech collection, detection and classificationAnton Balthasar Jäkel2024
MAA Singular LLM is All You Need for Dialogue-based Explanation regarding NLP TasksQianli Wang2023
MAHuman-Centered XAI Features for Text-Based SDG DetectionPaul Michel dit Ferrer2023
MAEnhancing Natural Language Understanding in Healthcare Dialogue Systems: Leveraging Large Language Models for Generating Training ExamplesZubair Hossain2023
MALeveraging Event Relation Extraction for Abstractive Summarization of Narratives: A Transformer-based ApproachClément Gillet2023
BAA Comparative Study of the Impact of Virtual Reality on Language LearningJoy Krupinski2023
BAA Holistic Usability Assessment of AR Applications for Language LearningGiulia Marielena Benta2023
BADevelopment of a frontend for the presentation of heterogeneous research dataBela Katschinski2023
BACrowdsourcing-basierte Sprachqualitätsschätzung und deren internationale StandardisierungLeven Christiansen2023
BAInfluence of Interactivity on User Experience and Social Acceptability in Augmented RealityAnna Iliasova2023
BAAutomatic Text Classification for Sustainable Development GoalsYoutian Fu2023
MAIndizierung und zentralisierte Abbildung von heterogenen Forschungsdaten aus universitären DatenrepositorienMarius Jürgen Felix Pahl2023
MAEvaluation of Explainability Features in the Fake News Detection ContextBalasz Patrik Csomor2023
BALimitierte Trainingsdaten für die automatisierte Vorhersage des Performance Status von TumorpatientenTim Sebastian Pegler2023
BAPrompt2Chat: Zero-shot dialog with general-purpose large language models through promptingSebastian Huh2023
MAMonitoring scientific progress: extracting key information from scholarly publications in the field of computational linguisticsXiao Wang2023
MAMessung monetärer Bewertung von StandortinformationenHannes Michael Gransow2023
BAText structure-specific information extraction from scholary publicationsMario Wojciechowski2023
BAVisualisierung und Klassifikation von personenbezogenen StandortdatenLara Losch2023
BAEvaluating Gender Bias in German Machine TranslationMichelle Kappl2023
BAEntwicklung eines Developer Management Systems auf Basis einer semantischen SucheRobert Martin Babst2023
BAUsing different word embedding strategies for fake news detectionSol Park2023
BATargeted Sentiment Analysis of Content Related TweetsAta Nizamoglu2023
BAAutomatische Klassifikation von Kommentaren zu Lernvideos mittels vortrainierter SprachmodelleBenedict Kettler2023
MAImpact of auditory modality on user experience during augmented outdoor tourism navigation and exploration tasksZhirou Sun2023
MAEarly Detection of Cyber-Grooming in Chats Using Large Language ModelsXu Jia Fug Liu2023
MAPrivacy Behaviour, Privacy Literacy and their relation to Monetary Valuation of Data TypesHamza Ahmed Siddiqui2023
MAAutomated detection of check-worthy claims in political debatesMohamed Aymen Baklouti2023
MAEnhancement of Multilingual Model for Automatic Speech Recognition: Techniques and Performance EvaluationArmin Jaber2023
MADealing with offensive language for automatic joke generationIbrahim Baroud2023
MANeural Machine Translation Methods for Translating Text to Sign Language GlossesDele Zhu2023
MAEvaluating XAI Features in Fake News DetectionAnna Mockenhaupt2023
MAUnderstanding the social perceptions of synthetic voices in emotional speech Vs neutral speechJile Singh Sorout2023
BAAnonymisierung medizinischer Daten: Methoden, Voraussetzungen und Akzeptanz am Beispiel transkribierter TherapiegesprächeRobert Hofmann2023
MADesign, implementation and evaluation of an automatically supporting Gamemaster UI for dynamic Escape RoomsMarvin Gran2023
BAEvaluation einer vortrainierten multilingualen NLUTimm Bahmann2023
MASpeaker Verification based on Deep LearningFengying Miao2023
BAThe impact of VR and 3D audio on user experience in digital marketingMoustafa Ghaddar2023
BAThe Comparison of Deceptive Behaviour with VR and Computer-Mediated TechnologyAlina Dovhalevska2023
BAInfluence of Media Quality on Physical Activity Behaviour and Emotional PerceptionLeonie Wichers2023
MADeveloping a Python-based Speech Quality Database Generation ToolMohammed Shah Jamal2023
MAAccented Speech RecognitionMohammed Mesto2023
MAVerbesserung der Reichweite von DECT-Sprachdatenübertragung mittels FehlerkorrekturMarc Bielen2023
BAErkennung von Mutationsnamen in biomedizinischen PublikationenTobias Lünsmann2023
MAAspect-based Document Similarity of Research Papers through Natural Language GenerationMaximilian Gillner2023
MAA Systematic Evaluation of Stop / Trip - Classifiers for GPS Data Using Synthetic TrajectoriesBenjamin Osterle2023
BAEvaluation of the three-digit-test hearing test for online screening in crowdsourced speech quality assessment tasksBenedikt Jonathan Schuh2023
BAEvaluation eines argumentbasierten Dialogsystems BEATim Patrick Voigt2023
BACrowdsourcing Speech Quality Assessment for Investigating Codec-Related ImpairmentsJean Luca Schausell2023
MAA comparative study of generative and discriminative models for aspect oriented sentiment analysisTsu-Hao Kao2023
BAConception and Implementation of a Mobile App Chatbot User InterfaceJonathan Benno Wendler2023
BAFine-Tuning eines Natural-Language-Generation Modells für Deutschrap-Texte auf den Stil spezifischer Rapper.Konstantin Prieb2023
MAControl-Display Ratio Manipulation for Dynamic Weight Change in Virtual Reality - A User Experience StudyFeri Pujitano2023
MAAccented Speech RecognitionMohamed Mesto2023
BANegation detection in German using machine translationMohammed Hasan Haded Bin Sumait2023
BAThe Influence of Traits and States on Quality Perception in video Telephony ConversationsLuisa Angela Lienicke2023
BABicycling swarms as a future means for urban mobility: Optimization of swarm formationKrutarth Parwal2023
MAAudiovisual Communication and Social Relations: An Experimental Study of the Quality of Experience (QoE) and Psychosocial Factors under Varying Quality LevelsErik Alexander Tauchnitz2023
BAInvestigating Gender Bias in Turkish Language ModelsOrhun Caglidil2023
MAThe Effect of Online Privacy Literacy on Online Privacy Valuation and Online Privacy BehaviorSuleman Samuel Gill2023
BACalculating the Impairment Factor of Modern Codecs with an Instrumental ModelPia Gerhardter2023
BAUnsupervised Cross-Lingual Trend Analysis in Online-NewsAbdelkader Alkadour2023
BAInformation Extraction from Medical Reports using Transformer-Based Neural NetworksMhd Oubada Al Kiddeh2023
BAEffect of duration and pitch in social perceptions of synthetic speechYassine Lazreg2022
MAQuality estimation of machine-translated texts with fine-grained classification of errorsKonstantin Biskupski2022
BAUser Experience of playing Virtual Reality games in relation to gameplay duration and control methodSimon Knuth2022
BAComparative Evaluation of Transformer Architectures for Stance Detection in Long German TextsRaphael Schnitzer2022
MAContext Aware Module Selection for Modular Dialogue SystemsRene Marcel Berk2022
MAMeasuring Corporate Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals using State of the Art Natural Language Processing methodsJakob Charlott2022
MADesign and Implementation of a Gamified Virtual Reality Training SystemChuyang Wu2022
MANudging the Monetary Valuation of Privacy for different Data TypesMarlene Renz2022
BAA Framework for Analyzing Neural Relevance Flow Networks with Graph AlgorithmsAmmer Ayach2022
MASelf supervision methods for classification tasks in NLPTarun Bhatia2022
MALearning Indicators and a Self-Service Learning Analytics Platform for Data Science Courses in an Interactive JupyterLab Programming EnvironmentMarion Erle2022
MADevelopment of a Bitstream-Based Video Quality Prediction Model Using Deep Learning Techniques for Gaming Streaming ServicesNasim Jamshidi Avanaki2022
MAEffect of Embodiment Intensity and Appearance of Virtual Characters for Well-being ExercisesMarco Podratz2022
MAText complexity and its metricsMoshin Ali2022
BAInfluence of Visual Embodiment and Communication Behavior of a Conversational Agent on User Experience and Social Presence in Augmented RealityKaterina Koleva2022
MADesign und Evaluation von multimodalen Interaktionselementen für domänenbasierte DialogsystemePatrick Stadler2022
BAUsable Privacy Aspects of Alexa SkillsDennis Korolevych2022
BAImpact of Proactive and Reactive Help and Documentation Approaches on User Experience - An Investigation into the Improvement of System Usefulness and Information Quality in Online Web InterfacesSonia Maria Sobol2022
BAProzessautomatisierung durch Microtask-Workflows und Implikationen für ausgewählte Usability-FaktorenSabine Szmak2022
MATraining Neural Speech Recognition for Dysarthric SpeechDiana Nguyen2022
MAThe Power of Conversation flow in Video Conference Tools: Evaluation of Speaker Change CuesMincheng Chang2022
BAAn assessment of mental workload and affective states using subjective and physiological data in the context of gaming and video conferencingAnna Lucia Haverkamp2022
MAInteractive Path VisualizationJunhang Yu2022
MAConnecting and sharing embodied experience via Chu CiLin Liu2022
BAImplementierung eines Tools zur Vereinfachung des FOSS-Freigabe Prozesses bei einem deutschen AutomobilherstellerAlexander Dreesen2022
MAGreenwashing Detection using NLPJoseph Kobti2022
MAScalable Webpage Segmentation using Visual MethodsFabio von Schelling Goldman2022
BASystematic Effects of Text Anonymization Methods on State-of-the-Art Machine Learning ModelsLyadh Ben Cheikh Larbi2022
MATowards Adaptive Conversational AgentsDaniel Fernau2022
MAVocabulary Evaluation: Approaches for Short Phrase Translation ClassificationAnik Jacobsen2022
MAValuation of Location-Data and Their Relation to Privacy AttitudesMusawar Ahmed2022
MAEntwicklung und Evaluation einer interaktiven Fahrradweste für GruppenfahrtenVincent Wappenschmitt2022
MAMultimodal Emotion Recognition from SpeechMarco Schiwek2022
BADimensionen wahrgenommener Texteigenschaften und ihre MessungEmily Frieden2022
BAPerception of personal spaces in augmented reality - A comparative study on virtual, augmented, and natural environmentsEvgeniia Usvaiskaia2022
MAMachine learning techniques for the analysis of affective components of sign languageNeha Pravin Deshpande2022
BAComparing Neural Speech Recognition ToolsTim Herzig2022
MAA Comparison of Module Selection Strategies for Modular ChatbotsPhiline Görzig2022
BAPhilipp LangeLinear attention for document-level relation extraction2022
MARalf MayetFacial Expressions in Social Communication for Multimodal Emotion Recognition2022
MACrowd Requirements Engineering promises a host of benefits - does this hold true in practice? The example of an internal project at an IT service provider.Teresa Kuhn2022
BAA Comparative Study of Claim Extraction Techniques Leveraging Transformer-based Language ModelsAnouar Nouri2022
BATowards Automated Infant Cry Classification in Japanese and GermanDaniel Papp2022
MAEvaluating text quality of generated radiology reportsAjay Madhavan Ravichandran2022
BAMeasuring acoustic transmission conditions in conversational crowdsourcing testsJonathan Silas Rietz2022
BAWeb App for Collecting Audio Samples in Crowdsourcing PlatformsFauzi Arif Sanjaya2022
BAExploring Real World Applicability of Timbre Transfer using DDSPMaximilian Schnupp2022
BAGendern als Natural Language ProcessFenja Schulz2022
BADifferent approaches to evaluation of Natural Language Generated and crowd-generated texts with a focus on summarizationInga Strelnikova2022
BAZustandskodierung von Körpersprache als Reaktion auf alitätsunterschiede in simulierter VideotelefonieNebras Turkieh2022
BARealism in Virtual Reality: Influence of Delay and Image Quality on User Experience and PresenceSophia Alexandra Venz2022
BAEvaluation of a Reinforcement Learning based ChatbotSophie Radatz2021
BADas Breitband E-Modell: Wie kann der Einfluss von Talker Echo im Breitband E-Modell abgebildet werden?Heinrich Thomas Söllner2021
MAHuman and Automated User Experience Assessment in Customer Service DomainYuexin Cao2021
BAClaim retrieval and matching with laws for COVID-19 related legislationNiklas Dehio2021
BAEntwicklung einer universellen Schnittstelle zur Sprach- und Emotionserkennung anhand von Audio-, Video- und TextinhaltenMaxim Dremin2021
BASort the Chaos - Categorizaion of applications in the field of mobile health based on a literature reviewSophie Paulin Miethe2021
BAQualitätseigenschaften maschineller Übersetzung und maschineller ZusammenfassungDanai Georgiou2021
BAModeling Social Speaker Characteristics in Synthetic Speech through Signal ManipulationSaman Akbari2021
BAUsing machine translation methods for the automatic translation of sign languageGalina Angelova2021
BAFake News Detection Using Machine LearningFlorian Imhof2021
BAEffect of loudness of environmental noise on a simulated crowdsourcing speech quality testTanja Waack2021
MATowards automatic translation of speech to virtually-performed sign language on AR glassesLan Thao Nguyen2021
BAMonetary Valuation of Location Information for Smartphone ApplicationsIsshiki Koki2021
MASelf supervision methods for classification tasks in NLPTaurun Bhatia2021
MASystematic Literature Review: Mental Stress Detection with consumer-grade WearablesGeorge Göksel2021
MAManual Annotation and Automatic Classification of Semantic Relations between Text Segments for Semantic StorytellingMichael Raring2021
MAInfluence of privacy knowledge on user's attitude towards location-based servicesTVinay Dev Mudgil2021
MAContent-Focused Website Credibility Evaluation Using W3C Credibility SignalsLeón Viktor Avilés Podgurski2021
BARecognition of Speaker States: Emotion Recognition using Deep Neural Network Architectures for Different Language FactorsKai Schüler2021
BAEntwicklung und Evaluierung der Visualisierung von Navigationsrouten auf einem transparenten OLED mittels Augmented RealityMagnus Kilian Brierer2021
MANeural Emotion and Sentiment Analysis from Speech: a Comparison of English and German SpeechJohannes Krause2021
MAAutomatic Summary Generation and Evaluation for German LanguageZohaib Akthar Khan2021
MAEncoding hierachical text structure in pre-trained language models for text summarizationQian (Klara) Ruan2021
BAExploring the real world applicability of Timbre Transfer using DDSPMaximilian Benjamin Steel Schnupp2021
BASimulation of Intelligibility in Human-to-Human Conversation SimulationZornitsa Georgieva2021
MADevelopment and Evaluation of a Parametric Conversation Analysis FrameworkWentao Zhan2021
MAPredicting Individual Mental Calculation Response TimesThomas Michael2021
MALarge-scale deep learning for speech recognitionAnand Chikkaballapur Umashankar2021
BAMemory Consumption Analysis for JavaScript Engines on MicrocontrollersZiyang Li2021
MAComparison of supervised and feinforcement learning of dialogue managersRakesh2021
BASpeech synthesis for electronic musicYagmur Uckunkaya2021
MAReusability in research dataAndrew Edric Tristan2021
MAEffects of Environment Noise and Interaction Intensity of User Experience and Presence in Virtual RealityRahul Thangaraj2021
BAAspect-based Sentiment Analysis in German and English using Natural Language ProcessingDoruk Süzer2021
BAAssessment of Participants' Eligibility for Video Quality Testing via CrowdsourcingThomas Stuber2021
MASelf-supervised pre-training of learning distributed representations of electronic health recordsNecip Oguz Serbetci2021
BASemantic Similarity of Concepts for a Human-Centered Idea Recommendation Feature in the Clustering Application OrchardLuka Stärk2021
BAEntwicklung eines Interaktionssystems auf Basis eines vortrainierten Sprachmodells und Vergleich mit einem regelbasierten Sprach-InteraktionssystemsKatja Schreiber2021
MASpear-Phishing in cloudbasierten kleineren und mittleren Unternehmen: Entwicklung von Guidelines zur PräventionViktor Schlüter2021
BAAnalysis of social speaker characteristics in synthetic voicesSamuel Ruppert2021
MAUnsupervised Claim Detection in Political DatasetsShringar Sham Rao2021
BAEvaluating the utility of topic clustering methods in the context of critical Social Media ResearchIsabel Schmuck2021
MAAn application and evaluation of the opportunities and challenges of web scraping to identify social relations among entrepreneurial groupsAbdul Saeed2021
MAInvestigation of Pupil Dilation as a Parameter for Mental Workload in Diverse Ambient Noise ConditionsPablo Prietz2021
MAClaim Extraction from Text using Transfer LearningAcharya Ashish Prabhakar2021
BAFact Checking Using Trusted Knowledge BasesElitsa Pankovska2021
BAEvaluation Research Paper Similiarities Measures with User Feedback from Social NetworksNikolay Nikolov2021
MAText-based Prediction of Popular Click Paths in WikipediaDavi Nascimento de Paula2021
MASubjective evaluation of a ChatbotAamir Suhial Mir2021
MAUnderstanding of stress level operationalization on a smartwatchOliver Machačík2021
BAQuality Metrics for Explainable AI SystemsTaiane Linhares2021
BAModelling and Prediction of Mental Calculation StrategiesAnke Jensen2021
MAMulti-Domain Sentiment Classification using an LSTM-based Framework with Attention MechanismRoxana Jeney2021
BAEvaluation of Rating Tools Used in a Continuous Emotion Rating of 360-degree VideosDavid Huang2021
BADevelopment of an Identity and Access Management for a decentralized Business Process Management SystemKevin Hertwig2021
MADetection of Web Tracker Characteristics with Graph Analysis MethodsPatrick Herbke2021
MAEvaluation und Analyse informationstechnologischer Hilfsmittel im Bereich Diabetes PflegeprozesseTobias Hellinger2021
BAImpact of granularity on readability of German text: A subjective assessmentFynn Heintz2021
MAImproving User Experience of Text Readability using Eye Tracker in Virtual RealityHassan Zohaib2021
MAAn Automated Test System for Quantifying the Impact of Mobile Network Changes on Transmission Performance MetricsArik Grahl2021
MAObject Recognition using Point Clouds to assist Railway Construction SupervisionTanay Gaherwar Singh2021
MAA Deep Learning Method for Noise Level Estimation in Common Crowdsourcing EnvironmentsFranke Benedikt2021
MAOptimizing content dissemination in federated online social networksYuanzhang Fan2021
MAInteroperability of AI Platforms: A Technical Specification and Partial ImplementationSerkan Ergene2021
MASystematic review of Scientific Named Entity RecognitionCarol Dsouza2021
MAPerformance Evaluation of Speech-related Components in a Diving AssistantMurlee Dass2021
MAAutomatic assessment of online content credibility by measuring the adherence to journalistic standardsEliza Danila2021
BADevelopment of an open database and REST-API system for cross-university course descriptionsJohannes Cram2021
MAEmotion as Noise: A GAN-based Emotion Transfer Approach to Improve Automatic Speech RecognitionLara-Sophie Christmann2021
MAConversation Opinion Test for Speech Quality Assessment using Crowdsourcing ApproachPavan Chitradurga Thammanna2021
MAEfficient Online Crowd-QualificationHassan Chamseddine2021
BADevelopment of a Touch-Based Software for the Detection of Mild Cognitive ImpairmentMartin Burghart2021
BAUntersuchung von Qualitätsunterschieden zwischen gesprochener und geschriebener Sprache bei Interaktion mit einem ChatbotMarco Braune2021
MATowards speakers characterization using Neural TTS voicesAbhinav Bhardwaj2021
BAInfluence of Participants Environment, and Hardware on the Crowdsourcing based Video Quality Assessment TestAshraf Beshtawi2021
BATechnik erklärt Technik - Konzeption, Entwicklung und Usability Evaluation einer digitalen 3D-Lernumgebung im frühkindlichen Bildungsbereich der InformatikRebecca Barth2021
MADevelopment of a web application for chatbot-to-chatbot communicationAli Saqib2021
MAComparing the Usage of Written and Spoken Language in Interactions with ChatbotsWillian Uchenna Akpom2021
MAReal-time data for unrestricted TTSMohamed Mutasim Adam2021
MAQuality Monitoring for Mobile Voice Networks Using a Crowd Based ApproachChristopher Boecker2020
BADigitalisierung in der schulischen Bildung - Einsatz von Lernapps im Schulunterricht am Beispiel der ANTON-AppOliver Reichelt2020
BAEinfluss des Endgeräts auf die Qualitätswahrnehmung übertragener SpracheDaniel Steinmetz2020
MAInfluence of Interactivity and Social Envrionments on User Experience and Social Acceptability in Virtual RealityMaurizio Vergari2020
MAComparing possibilities and effects on UX for Data Visualization in VRManjiao Xu2020
BAInformation Extraction anhand eines deutschsprachigen Protokoll-KorpusEva Nordholz2020
BAVisualisierung der Sprachqualitätsschätzung von neuronalen NetzenHenrik Tollhorn2020
BAWahrnehmung der Qualität übertragener Sprache bei Anwendung von VideospielenDuc Anh Nguyen2020
MADetecting Speech Impairments Using Convolutional Neural NetworksJuhi Pradeep Mehta2020
BASubjektive Qualitätserfassung übertragener Sprache echter TelefonateAssmaa Chehadi2020
MAEchtzeit-Nutzersegmentierung durch Clusteranalyse und Klassifikation anhand von Event-log DatenFabian Puch2020
BADevelopment and Validation of pictographic scales for rapid assessment of affective states in Virtual realityChristian Krüger2020
MANeural Abstractive Text Summarization with Sequence-to-Sequence ModelsDimitri Aksenov2020
BAEstimation of perceptual video Quality Dimensions using Neural NetworksArne Kuhle2020
MAInvestigating the adaptation of a Turn-Taking Prediction Model to Multiparty Spoken Dialogue using a Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural NetworkBen Mustafa Schokri2020
MAConcept and Implementation of Information Portal for Crowdsourcing WorkflowsYuchun Chen2020
MATime alignment of transmitted speech signals with their reference using machine learning methodsIvan Arturo Azcarate Rodriguez2020
BAKonzeption und Implementierung eines Mensa-Chatbots für den Campus CharlottenburgJulia Zollna2020
MAAnalysis of Error Responses in Human-Speech-Assitant-InteractionSihan Yuan2020
MAVorhersage der Qualität verrauschter Sprache bei vollbandiger TelefonieAndreas Bütow2020
MAImplementation of a Framework for the Rapid Development of Conversational InterfacesMuhammad Ahsan Shahid2020
BAConception and Evaluation of a Chatbot for Costumer Care SupportOr Akiva Barel2020
BAEinfluss der Spontanität der Sprache auf die wahrgenommene SprachqualitätMerdan Cagri Sahin2020
BAEntwicklung und Evaluation eines Chatbot zur Unterstützung eines AusleihprozessesThi Hoa Nguyen2020
MAInvestigating the adaption of a Turn-Taking Prediction Model to Multiparty Spoken Dialogue using Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural NetworksSchokri Ben Mustapha2020
BAImplementierung und Evaluierung einer App zur optischen Erkennung von Matrikelnummern auf StudierendenausweisenJohannes Wicovsky2019
MAImproving Privat Key Backup Security through Usable Secret SharingChristian Weißmann2019
MASpatial and Temporal Feature Extraction for Gaming Video Quality AssessmentKumar Awanish2019
BAAlter- und Geschlechtsbestimmung von Sprechern mit tiefen neuronalen NetzenMarco Schiwek2019
MAExploring Diachronic Changes of Biomedical Knowledge: Analysing Distributional Representation of Medical ConceptsGaurav Vashisth2019
MAPhysiological Assessment of Immersion and its Impact on Cloud Gaming ExperienceDomenic Reuschel2019
MAImpact of haptical and visual feedback on breathing rhythm in VR-exergamingRudresha Gulaganjihalli Parameshappa2019
BAZum Einfluss von Paketverlust-Verschleierungsalgorythmen auf die Beurteilung von Qualitätsdimensionen bei der VideoübertragungFlorian Lauterbach2019
BAPacket Loss Estimation of Transmitted Speech Signals and their Influence on the Discontinuity Speech Quality DimensionSamira Kotte2019
MAEffects of Controllability and Transparency on User Experience in Three Prototypical Mobile GamesMichael Steudter2019
MAImproving usere engagement in mobile games by identifying and adapting parameters that affect perceived difficultySanjiv Krishnasamy2019
MAComparing Noise Mitigation Strategies to overcome Label Noise introduced by Distant Supervision to bootstrap Named Entity Recognition for Novel EntitiesSebastian Hansmann2019
MAComparison of different Machine Learning techniques for predicting user traits ans experience from touch interactionPiyasa Basak2019
MAMeasuring and visualising speech articulationDavid Rosson2019
BASubjective and instrumental classification of quality impairments caused by packet-loss concealmentNatalia Sokół2019
MAAndroid basierter Qualitätsmonitor für mobile SprachnetzeHuahua Meier2019
BAQualität von automatischer Nutzerklassifizierung anhand von emotionalen NutzerzuständenNiklas Meinert2019
MAUX design patterns to assist learning in the statistical field: A Comparative researchMengzhu Deng2019
MAExploring Visualizations and User Interactions for Financial Statements in Virtual RealitySandra Ashipala2019
MAEvaluating the Effect of Audio Quality on the QoE of Cloud GamingShijie Wang2019
MANeural Entity Linking for Company NamesZhanwang Chen2019
MAEvaluating the use of gamification in the transportation industryEtjen Ymeraj2019
BAVergleichende Evaluation von Reinforcement Learning Methoden auf Basis des trainierbaren ZustandraumesMark Friedländer2019
BAErweiterung eines Chatbots um eine standortbezogene UmkreissucheRené Marcel Berk2019
MAApplying Usability Guidelines and Heuristics in an Real World Software Development ProcessNikolai Lenski2019
MAAn improved design for smooth pursuit based eye typing word prediction.Anlin Liang2019
BAThe influence of biofeedback on breathing behaviour during rowing in virtual realityLan Thao Nguyen2019
BAPerception of Quality of Experience in Multiplayer Virtual Reality Exer games Under Variable LagBruno Kortowski2019
MAImproving teachers' acceptance of digital education: user-centered development and evaluation of onboarding features for the HPI School CloudDominic Brüchner2019
MAEvaluation of Three Mobile Adaptive Systems to Compare the Impact of Adopting Speed Content, Incentives and Interface on User ExperienceYasaman Mansouri2019
MADevelopment of Three Mobile Adaptive Systems to Evaluate and Compare the Effect of Different Adaption Step Sizes on UsabilityChristopher Krügelstein2019
MAAutomated Text Readability Assessment for German languageKaran Karan2019
MATowards a Classification of Video Games with Respect to Their Delay SensitivityUmme Ammara2019
MADiscovering Aspects of Gaming QoE: An Explorative StudyPietro Romeo2019
MAConcept design for pedestrian vehicle commuication in the age of autonomic drivingYuan Lyu2019
MADevelopment of a sPeech-based User Interface for an Indoor Navigation SystemEgor Gulyaev2019
BAA German Dataset for Automatic Text Simplification: Subjective Assessment of Text ComplexityKaspar Ensikat2019
MASemantic Analysis of Chart Images using Deep LearningSujit Kumar2019
MAInvestigate the application of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the implementation of a virtual consumer care agent for Philips Personal CareHao Li2019
BAPräsenzeffekte in e-Learning-VideosClarissa Elisabeth Staudt2019
MAA text-based game for natural dialogue corpus acquisitionStefan Borchardt2019
MAInfluence of UI Complexity and Positioning on User Performance and Experience During VR ExergamesUliana Sirotina2018
MAComparative Analysis of Neural NLP Models for Information Extraction from Accounting DocumentsTolga Buz2018
BAPacket loss detection training, based on a speech impairment annotation GUIYuezhu Zhang2018
BADeep Learning zur referenzfreien Erkennung von verdeckten Paketverlusten in SprachnetzenMarkus Utke2018
BAEinfluss der Position und Stimmhaftigkeit von verdeckten Paketverlusten auf die SprachqualitätLuis Anton Liedtke2018
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BAAnbindung eines multi-kontextuellen Systems an die Rasa-Dialogsystem-Engine zur Unterstützung von StudierendenMoritz Schweppenhäuser2018
MATraining and evaluating a policy of a statistical speech dialogue managerKatharina Griess2018
MAImpact of Delay on QoE when Playing with Different Input DevicesGaurav Puri2018
MAImpact of game characteristics on the delay sensitivity of video gamesParamvir Singh2018
BAEmpfindlichkeit von Computerspielen gegenüber NetzwerkverzögerungSteve L. G. Mekoudja2018
MAPart-of-Speech Tagging with Neural Networks for a Conversational AgentAndreas Müller2018
MAModelling Multiple Annotator Ratings for Inferring Ground Truth in Labelled Speech DatasetsSarjo Das2018
MAAssessment of Voice Likability by means of Physiological SignalsMelanie Mau2018
MAAssessing the Effects of Speech Distortions on the Automatic Prediction of Speaker PersonalitySoumya Mishra2018
MABuilding a Speaker Clustering Tool by Employing Speaker Recognition TechniquesRenzo Verastegui2017
MAEvaluating Different Onboarding Modalities Based on User Expertise and Personality TraitHsiu-Ju Lin2017
MAUltrasonic Indoor Location Identification Using a SmartphoneFabian Knappe2017
BAbNet - a Flexible and Extensible Bayesian Network LibraryOliver Weißbarth2017
BAPredicting Influences of Backround Noises on Speech Quality Assessment Tasks in Crowdsourcing Microtask PlatformsVictor Höller2017
MADesigning a Simplified Monitoring Interface and Alarm System for Satellite MonitoringPanagiotis-Michail Tsakiris2017
MAEffects of 3D Audio on Speaker RecognitionLars-Erik Riechert2017
MADesign and Development of Gamification EngineRikhu Prasad S.2017
DiplImplementierung eines Frameworks zur Analyse verschiedener Beamforming-AlgorithmenDimitri Becker2017
DiplPerception of Mobile Recommendations with Respect to the SourceNicholas de Laczkovich-Siddiqi2017
BASubjective Determination of Audio Quality in Crowdsourcing EnvironmentFrank Neubert2017
MAA Realtime Multichannel Reverberation Framework for the SoundScape RendererMartin Bürner2017
MAReal-time Detection of Moving Crowds Using Spatio-temporal data StreamsDmytro Arbuzin2017
MAPerformance and Workload Evaluation of Deep Learning Simulation in Disaster Monitor Scenario with Subjective and Physiological MeasurementsZiqi Liu2017
BAAssessing the impact of inaccurate decision support systems on experts' behaviour and decisionsClemens Schöll2017
MAReducing Location Tampering in Indoor Positioning SystemsMehdi Ben Fadhel2017
MATracking Innovation in Open Source Software ProjectsMoritz Neeb2017
BAEntwicklung und Validierung eines Automatisierungskonzeptes zum Testen von adaptiven WebseitenLilia Butenkova2017
MAThe effect of system expertise and domain knowledge on the usability of an interactive systemLeonardo Lanzinger2017
MAInfluence of Social Context on Disclosure of Data with Interactive Equipment in Public SpaceYan Pacheco Mafla2017
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MAImpact of Loading Feedback on Quality of Experience of Web PagesOleg Zender2016
BAEntwicklung eines Spielkontext zur impliziten Erfassung von Sensation SeekingJacob von Mirbach2016
MAComparing the User Experience between Virtual an Augmented Reality EnvironmentsJosip Vukoja2016
MAAuswirkung verschiedener Verzögerungszeiten auf das Nutzererlebnis am Beispiel von zwei Onlinespiel-GenresMirsada Osmanovic2016
MASimulating Social Graph Overlay by Gossiping in Unstructured P2P Online Social NetworkIshan Tiwari2016
BAVergleich des Benutzererlebnisses im Umgang mit verschiedenen App-BerechtigungsanzeigenDomenic Reuschel2016
BASpeech Intelligibility Measurements over VoIP ChannelsKadega Okla2016
MADesign and Implementation Of An Advisery Artificial Conversational AgentThilo Michael2016
MAEnhance the user experience in mobile Google Calendar applicationYuen Man Se-to2016
BADesign and Development of a Fault-Tolerant Mobile Application for Patient Documentation Using Optimistic ReplicationJuan Edmundo Cabello Bilbao2016
MAModulation of P3a and P3b by varying quality of acoustic speech signalsStefan Josef Uhrig2016
MAEntwicklung eines Evaluationsverfahrens zur Bestimmung der Qualität synthetisch erzeugter Hörbücher für KinderNina Lehmann2016
DPImpact of 3D Audio Presentation on the Quality of Experience of Computer GamesTimo Hedke2016
DiplKonzeption und Implementierung einer multimodalen FußgängernavigationAndreas Koscinski2016
BASee my emotion - Supporting written words using conceptual art for short text messagesSara Reichert2016
MAA Modular Realtime Wave Digital Filter Framework with Support for Arbitrary Topologies and Multiple Multiport NonlinearitiesMaximilian Rest2016
MABeamforming for Acoustic Crosstalk CancellationChristoph Hohnerlein2016
BAUntersuchung eines grafischen Authentifizierungsverfahrens hinsichtlich hedonischer QualitätChristopher Krügelstein2016
MAStudying the relation between physiological signals and experienced emotions for new music listening applicationsSvanlaug Ingólfsdóttir2016
BAAn Image Processing Pipeline for Paper Sheet DetectionMonika Kwiatkowski2016
MANicht-intrusive Prädikation der Kontinuität von VoIPSteven Schmidt2016
BAComparing Explicit and Implicit Interpersonal Attraction Based on Auditory Impressions of Unacquainted SpeakersIason Georgakopoulos2016
BASpeech Quality of VoIP Under Bursty Packet Loss Conditions in Superwideband ModeFelix Koslowski2016
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MAEnhancing the Interaction Space of a Tabletop Computing System to Design Paper Prototypes for mobile applicationsFrancesco Bonadiman2016
MAInteraction with Transparent DisplaysKlemen Lilija2015
BADevelopment and Evaluation of Tranining Procedures for Technical Career Anaylis (P.TCA)Christian Miethaner2015
BAModell zur Auflösung von Anaphern in Dialogen mit dem Question Answering Agent des Quality and Usability LabDielina Seferi2015
BAZusammenhang zwischen Qualitätswahrnehmung und Klangverfärbung in der WellenfeldsyntheseJochen Schumacher2015
MAA tool towards the study of privacy behaviour in social circlesDorian Kanitz2015
MAExploring the Potential Usage of Hydrogels for Tactile Feedback SystemsViktor Miruchna2015
MAPlanful calibration for gaze-tracking systemsGigi Ho2015
MAMeasurement of speech intelligibility over narrowband wideband and superwideband transmissionsMartin Horst2015
DiplMoodle: Verbesserung der Nutzer/innen-Beteiligung durch die Einführung von Gamification-Elementen mit dem Schwerpunkt der Erweiterung der Open-Badges-FunktionenMatthias Schwabe2015
MAMeasurement of speech intelligibility over narrowband, wideband and superweideband transmissionsMartin Robert Horst2015
BADomain Model for the Question Answering Agent of the Quality and Usability LabKamran Shafieian2015
BAJitter buffer influence on speech transmission qualityMagdalena Rätz2015
BAAdaption of guidance strategies of a personalized adjustment of a tablet applicationFranziska Schröter2015
BAAuswirkungen der Manipulation akustischer Parameter auf die Symphatiewahrnehmung von StimmenChristoph Karnop2015
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MAA tool towards the study of privacy behaviour in social circlesDorian Kanitz2015
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BANutzerfreundliche Visualisierung für Android App-BerechtigungenKhac-Hieu Huynh2015
MAVisual odometry on mobile devices for virtual walkthroughsSimon Burkard2015
MADesign Development and evaluation of a fronted for a mobility app using a gamification approachMichal Stawski2015
MADesign, Development and Evaluation of a back-end for a mobility app using a gamification approachJacob Kreyenbühl2015
MADesigning and Building a Large Area Interactive Floor Laser ProjectorDieter Eberle2015
MADesigning and Building a Large Area Interactive Floor Laser ProjectorConstantin Schmidt2015
MAInvestigating consumption patterns in a food recommendation systemAbul Hasnat Mohammad Shaiful Alam2015
BAVorhersage der Qualität synthetischer Sprache mit Hilfe eines SpracherkennersSteffen Zander2015
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MAImpact of Various Assistance and Operation Types on the Usability of Mobile User Interface CreationMatthias Heicke2015
DissZum Einfluss optimierter Lichtstärkeverteilungskörper auf die Erkennbarkeit bei niedrigen Beleuchtungsniveaus in der StraßenbeleuchtungSebastian Schade2015
BACompanion of Gaze-Based Authentication SystemsEmanuel Schmitt2015
MAPersonal Information Center - A Data Aggregation Service for the Private CloudRowshan Jahan Sathi2015
MAAfforfance ++ - Giving objects dynamic affordance through the user_s own musclesPatrik J. Jonell2015
MAAn App-independent tool for record user interaction behavior for laboratory studiesJohann Saudhof2015
MAModeling and Using Context Information with Contextual SidebarHantang Liu2014
BAGenerierung von Testfällen aus der Modellbeschreibung inhalt-basierter mobiler AnwendungenBenjamin Herzig2014
BALooking at the perceived Quality of real-time Video Compression with live Eye-Tracking DataHenrik Heßlau2014
BAAuditorische Modellierung der Klangverfärbung in der WellenfeldsyntheseChristoph Ende2014
BAAutomatische Klassifikation in de InhaltsanalyseFranziska Adler2014
BACrowdsourcing im Alltag: Analyse der Usability von ausgewählten Mikrojob-PlattformenMaximilian Matthias Gracz2014
BAImpact of Packet Loss on Localization and Subjective Quality in 3D-Telephone CallsMaximilian Bachl2014
BAKonzeption und Entwicklung eines Smartphone CLients für Text-to-Speech SystemeDanni Otterbach2014
MAA Secured Personal Data Storage Platform for Private CloudsMahya Ilaghi Hosseini2014
BASubjektive Untersuchungsmethoden bezüglich der Quality of Experience beim GamingMilad Salehi Takhasomi2014
MAAutomatisierte Erfassung der Blickzuwendung während Spiegeltherapie-SitzungenBritta Hesse2014
MAExploration of the Design Space for Electrostatic tactile StimulationTu Duy Diep2014
BAQualitätsbeurteilung von Telefonkonferenzen mit asymmetrischen Verbindungen aus derPerspektive eins passiven ZuhörersAnne Weigel2014
MASimulating material properties using intersensory feedbackCarlos Marrera Méndez2014
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MAEmbedded Hidden-Markov-Model-based Text-To-Speech System for AndroidBo Yuan014
BAInvestigating feature selection methods for Online Credit Risk EstimationYang Yang2014
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MANon-intrusive Estimation of the Quality-Relevant perceptual Dimensions of Transmitted Speech Coloration Discontinuity and LoudnessAnna Kuzmina2014
MAClassification of noise in speech transmission quality contextJulian Marscheider2014
MARemote mobile device control using inertia sensorsStephan Meyer2014
MADevelopment and Evaluation of an Android- Guide Application for Lange Nacht der WissenschaftenCarsten Gellert2014
MADesign and Implementation of a mobile conference application for the iOS platformBenjamin Mateev2014
BAUsability-Evaluation eines Voice-over-IPSoftphones am Beispiel von CSip SimpleDanny Ziebart2014
BAVisualisierung dreidimensionaler Schallfelder mittels GPU-ProgrammierungMarcus Zepp2014
MAModeling user judgements provided while interacting with a spoken dialog system using hidden Markov modelsPhilipp Heß2014
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MAOn the Relevance of User Characteristics for Android App Preferences - The Role of PrivacyBenedikt Lecheler2014
BAImplementing bio-mechanic feasibility predictors into a hand-modelBudi Yanto2014
MADeveloping an Android-based Mobile Polling Application and Analyzing Users_ Privacy IssuesMaurice Baiers2014
MADesign and Implementation of an API for a Conference AppJan Moritz Lawitschka2013
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MAAudiovisual Quality Model for Progressive Download ApplicationsDominika Anna Dytko2013
BADesign and Implementation of a Dynamic Multivariate Testing System for Android ApplicationsAndré Beyer2013
BAReferenzfreie instrumentelle Bestimmung von bestimmten qualitätsrelevanten Dimensionen übertragener SpracheGabriel Mittag2013
MAKonzeption und Entwicklung einer mobilen Konferenz-App für die Android-PlattformJinjin Li2013
BAColoration of Virtual Sources in Wave Field Synthesis for Different Loudspeaker SpacingsChristoph Hohnerlein2013
DAAudio-visuelle Sprecherlokalisierung zur Realisierung von Mehrpersoneninteraktion mit SprachdialogsystemenDennis Pommer2013
MATowards Continious Authentication on Mobile Touch Devices: Evaluating Unobtrusive AuthenticationEric Klieme2013
BAInfluencing the audiotory source width of virtual sourcesMagdalene Akello Busuru2013
MASeamless Connection of a Finger-Mounted Interface and Generic Hand-Held DevicesJonas Willaredt2013
MAGestural Interaction with Mobile Devices in the context of EntertainmentGuo Lu2013
MAEvaluation of Mobile Online GamesWiktor Tytus Szymanski2013
MAUsing Magnets for Gesture-Based Mobile InteractionSerafima Gurevich2013
BAREST-konformes Re-Design eines bestehenden WebservicesChristopher Zell2013
MASelf-Adaptable IP Control in Carrier Grade Mobile Operator NetworksMarius Iulian Corici2013
BAInfluence of Loudness Differences on Multiparty Conferencing QualityMaxim Spur2013
BADoes distortion of digitally coded speech decrease recall of spoken words?Louisa Wruck2013
BAInfluence of User Characteristics on the Quality of Judgement Prediction Models for Tablet ApplicationsXin Guang Gong2013
BAAFFECT RECOGNITION USING MOBILE DEVICES - a sensor- and signal-based approach to classify emotions from multimodal interactionKonrad Maruszewski2013
BAComparison of direct and indiredt touch for pointing on the front and the back of tabletsMarkus Schneider2013
BAComparison of Direct and Indirect Touch for Pointing on the Front and the Back of TabletsMarkus Schneider2013
MADer Zusammenhang zwischen dem Hearing Loss von Versuchspersonen und der Bewertung auditiver Stimuli im überschwelligen BereichTimon Marszalek2013
MAEnabling Location-Based Applications on Stationary Devices using Smartphone CapabilitiesThomas Graf2013
BAHeute Lust auf Mittagessen? - Modellierung von Nutzerverhalten mit mobilen VerabredungswerkzeugenAleksander Raczkowski2013
MAHow does automatic dialogue-based adaption affect the perception of a spoken dialogue system with a view to social acceptance and social actorship?Simon Willkomm2013
MAScalable Distributed Location Dependant MessagingMagdalene Akello Busuru2013
BAMessung der QoE von ComputerspielenSteven Schmidt2013
BAMicro Gestures and User Activity Analysis Using a Wearable Finger RingDavid Laqua2013
DALong-term Integration of Speech Quality Towards VoIP Service QualityChi-Huy Bang2012
BAWiedergabe von ausgedehnten Quellen in der WellenfeldsyntheseKonstantin Koslowski2012
DADevelopment and Evaluation of a Mobile Application for Lange Nacht der WissenschaftenJustus Beyer2012
MASignal-Adaptive Audiotory FilterbankClaudia Pischel2012
MAEntwicklung von Dialogstrategieb zur Sprachbedienung von Webtransaktionen im FahrzeugAnna Silberstein2012
DAEntwicklung einer Anwendung zur Erfassung Analyse und Visualisierung sensorbasierter Handbewegungsdaten zu Zwecken der Erforschung von FingergestenChristopher Hrabia2012
MAAcousal Scene Analysis Using a Non-Ideal Spherical Microphone ArrayMoritz Heppner2012
BAAndroid-based Questionaire App to Examine Usage of Wikipedia Mobile in the fieldRobert Schmidt2012
DAEntwicklung Implementierung und Evaluation dreidimensionaler Menüstrukturen für mobile Endgeräte zur Steuerung von MultimediainhaltenArtjom Sajatz2012
MAThe effect of feature alteration in anthropomorphic robot heads on social facilitationPatrick Ehrenbrink2012
MAImplementation and Usability Testing of Gesture-Based Authentication on iOSBenjamin Müller2012
BARemote collaboration through Public DisplaysDieter Eberle2012
BAFishtank VR in Public SpacesConstantin Schmidt2012
DAAcoustical Scene Analysis Using a Non-Ideal Spherical Microphone ArrayTill Rettberg2012
BAEine neue Art der Steuerung: Mit bewussten und unbewussten Verhalten und Gedanken auf technische Systeme Einfluss nehmen.Denys Matthies2012
MAEvaluierung von Verfahren zur Modellierung gemessener AußenohrübertragungsfunktionenArezo Hoda2012
BANutzerbewertung von Informationssystemen mit personenbezogenen AdaptionenRaffael Tönges2012
DADynamische Hintergrundbeleuchtung für MobiltelefoneQian Qin2012
DADistributed Computer Music Activities within Cooperative Creative Groups on EverydayAlexander Oppermann2012
MAOlder adults and web usabilityBoran Qian2012
BAEntwicklung eines Evaluationsverfahrens zur Bestimmung der Qualität synthetisch erzeugter HörbücherGeorgina Neitzel2011
BAInformation Retrieval using contect-free Descriptions of AudioCarola Trahms2011
MADefinition and Implementation of An XML-Based Storage and Interchange Format for Spatial Audio ScenesLukas Kaser2011
BAA Comparison of Eyes-Free Touch Remote Controls for Big Screen InteractionJonas Willaredt2011
BAModellierung und Evaluierung natürlich-sprachlicher Stimuli für ein Brain-Computer-InterfaceKonrad Krenzlin2011
DAThe Impact Of Display Form Factors on User Behaviour with Interactive Public DisplaysMaurice Ten Koppel2011
BAAuswirkungen von verzögertem Systemfeedback im mobilen Kontext (auf Nutzerzufriedenheit und Nutzerverhalten)Arne Denneler2011
MAEffizienz von multimedialen Präsentationstechniken in der Kommunikation von radiologischen BefundenFranziska Franz2011
MAPerceptual Video Quality DimensionsIzabela Tucker do Munzer2011
MAEvaluation von Gestaltungsmaßnahmen zur Reduzierung des zeitlichen Aufwandes für die Bildung eines mentalen Modells einer akustischen BenutzerschnittstelleKati Schulz2011
MagisterVorhersage von Wahrscheinlichkeiten für Benutzeräußerungen bei der Interaktion mit SprachdialogdienstenUlrike Stiefelhagen2011
MAGesture-based User Authentication on Mobile Devices using Accelerometer and GyroscopeDennis Guse2011
MAModellbasierte Entwicklung und Codegenerierung für eine Gameengine-Plattform am Beispiel von AdventuregamesSimon Gratwohl2011
MANutzerzentrierte Gestaltung eines SpieleeditorsFelix Dreyfus2011
DAA Surface-Augmented Paper-Prototyping System for Mobile ApplicationsBenjamin Bähr2011
MANeural correlates of degraded audiovisual stimuliJuliane Bürglen2011
MAWahlmöglichkeiten als motivationstheoretische Gestaltungsmaßnahme von FahrerinformationssystemenSara Bongartz2011
MANovel Techniques for Gesture Based Interaction with moble and desktop devices in digital entertainmentHengwei Chang2011
BAExperimental Set-Ups Demonstrating Audio-Visual IntegrationAdam Wieckowski2011
BAEffiziente Realisierung von higher-order Ambisonics mittels digitaler FilterVincent Kuscher2011
BAEvaluation of Accuracy and Energy-Efficiency in Terminal Based Positioning Technologies using the example of Android SmartphonesOgnjen Manojlovic2011
BAP300 as an Index of Driver_s Mental Workload in Lane Change TaskCui Yanxin2010
Studien-arbeitEarly Design Stage Interface Prototypes on Mobile DevicesBenjamin Bähr2010
DAEvaluierung eines animierten Sprechenden Kopfes als Nutzerschnittstelle im Anwendungsbereich Smart-HomeAnna Iwanow2010
DAMotivating Users to Participate in Content Creation for Reality Browsers Based on P2PSebastian Arndt2010
MAErmittlungs von Schwellenwerten für Modalitätenwechsel in multimodaler Mensch-Maschine-InteraktionBenjamin Jöckel2010
MagisterNew Multimodal Interaction Techniques for Mobile DevicesTobias Hirsch2010
MADecreasing visual distraction of drivers while interacting with speech-based infotainment systemJessika Reissland2010
MagisterVorhersage der Qualität synthetischer Sprache mittels eines signalbasierten MaßesFlorian Hinterleitner2010
DACharakterbeurteilung der StimmeTobias Walk2010
BAAnalyse eines digitalen Leitungs- und Endgerätesimulators auf Basis von Software-KomponentenThomas Spielhagen2010
DAA scrolling strategy for input interfaces in mobile devicesAli Sami Assi2010
DAI_m Home: Smartphone-enabled Gestural Interaction with Multi-Modal Smart-Home SystemsTilo Westermann2010
MagisterA tangible audio-visual game for psychoacoustic experimentationSascha Bienert2010
DASemi-Automatic Zooming: Eine Erweiterung des Speed-Dependent Automatic Zooming zur Kartennavigation für mobile Endgeräte mit Beschleunigungssensor - Entwurf Implementierung und EvaluierungIvo Brodien2009
DAEvaluierung und Implementierung einer Webservice-basierten HandschriftenauthentifikationanwendungDaniel Bicher2009
DANutzerauthentifizierung durch Gesteneingabe mittels Beschleunigungssensor und GyroskopDaria Skripko2009
BAE-Model Scale Extension for Super-Wideband Speech QualityIzabela Tucker do Munzer2009
DAVorhersage von Qualitätsurteilen bei Sprachdialogdiensten unter Verwendung von Hidden-Markov-Modellen (HMMs)Felix Hartard2009
DANatürlichsprachliche Dialogsysteme im Automotive-BereichMark Pleschka2009
MAImpact of concurrent speech characteristics and semantics on intelligibilityDina Reusch2009
MAMagic Lens Tracking with an Infrared Light GridSumi Gupta2009
Studien-arbeitErkenntnisse aus der Kommunikation Gehörloser als Basis für Service- und Produktlösungen einer erweiterten menschlichen und Mensch-Maschine-KommunikationOscar Koller2009
MAFaites vos jeux! Ein Multi-Touch-Interface für räumliche AudiowiedergabePhilipp Eibach2009
MAWellenfeldanalyse mit sphärischen MikroarraysBenny Bernschütz2009
DAUntersuchungen im Bereich multimodaler Systeme am Beispiel des Smart-Home Systems INSPIREFlorian Greb2009
DAEntwicklung einer Schnittstelle für die multimodale Mensch-Computer-Interaktion am Beispiel der BlickinteraktionThomas Nicolai2009
DACombining Pen and Multi-Touch Displays for Focus + Context InteractionStefan Elstner2009
MagisterEvaluation und Weiterentwicklung eines multimodalen RauminformationssystemsJulia Seebode2009
MAEntwicklung und Charakterisierung von fraktaloiden Strukturen zur Homogenisierung von MetamaterialienZohreh Zadeh2008
MAUsability als Struktur in sozio-technischen InteraktionssystemenNikolai Wolfert2008
Studien-arbeitSprachsignalmanipulation zur Verbesserung künstlich erzeugter SprachsignaleMark Pleschka2008
MagisterIntegration eines Spracherkenners in ein RauminformationssystemStefan Schaffer2008
BAVorhersage der Qualität synthetischer Sprache mittels referenzbasierter SchätzerSteve Zabel2008
DAMobiltelefone mit integrierter Kamera als Interaktionsinstrumente für StadtpläneOliver Rath2008
DAMobile Cocktail Party: Spatial Audio Teleconferencing for Mobile PhonesTill Schäfers2007
BAThe Visual Attention Model and Usability of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)Andreas Nilkens2007
MagisterGenerierung von Benutzeräußerungen von Sprachdialogsystemen im Projekt MeMoThorsten Kois2007
DAEvaluation of a Smart-home System for Elderly UsersFlorian Gödde2007
MAAssessment and Prediction of Speech Quality of VoIP - Extension of the E-Model Towards Wideband Speech TransmissionJuan-Pablo Ramirez2007
DAUntersuchungen zur messtechnischen Erfassung und systematischen Beeinflussung der Sprachqualitätsdimension _Rauschhaftigkeit_Christine Kühnel2007
MagisterFehlerklassifikation und Benutzbarkeits-Vorhersage für Sprachdialogdienste auf der Basis von mentalen ModellenKlaus-Peter Engelbrecht2006
DABestimmung relevanter Qualitätsdimensionen bei der Übertragung von breitbandiger SpracheJulia Fedorova2006
DADevelopment of Prediction Models for the Quality of Spoken Dialogue SystemsBernardo Compagnoni2006
BAInstrumentelle Schätzung der Qualität synthetischer SpracheJohannes Heimansberg2006