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Robert Spang - Harvard Chronicles: Interdisciplinary Explorations Beyond Quality & Usability

Robert Spang is a Ph.D. student from the Quality and Usability Lab who recently spent three months at Harvard University, Boston, as a visiting researcher. Harvard, known as the U.S.'s oldest university, carries with it certain expectations and, perhaps, stereotypes. Among these is the notion of its association with top-tier researchers and students from across the globe. In his presentation, Robert will share his experiences collaborating with Harvard researchers, discuss his journey to this renowned institution, and reflect on whether he'd recommend such a research stint to others. Central to his talk, Robert will delve into the projects he was involved in. Given that he collaborated with a highly interdisciplinary team, this talk will appeal to those with a broad interest in data science, while also offering insights that extend beyond the primary research focus of the Quality and Usability Lab. Attendees can expect a blend of experiential sharing, casual anecdotes from Robert's time living in the U.S., and research projects that will resonate with many who read this abstract.