Quality and Usability

Usability evaluation of spoken dialog systems based on rules identified by a sociotechnical approach (DFG)

Motivation & Project Description

An existing platform for automatic usability testing of products as well as ideas and concepts needs an improvement in the simulation of user behaviour. The behaviour of the user model is described by a set of rules for different kinds of dialog modality.
In cooperation with the Center for Technology and Society we’ll identify behaviour patterns in the user interaction with spoken dialog systems. These behaviour patterns will be used to define new rules which describe the interaction between user model and system model on a more abstract level. This approach will improve the overall precision of the automatic usability evaluation.


  • User behaviour patterns, identified with a sociotechnical approach
  • Modelling of general user types
  • Improvement of the usability prediction performance

Time Frame: 01/2010 - 06/2011

Team Members:S. Möller, A. Naumann, S. Schmidt, K.-P. Engelbrecht

Partners: Center for Technology and Society

Funding by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), (MO 1038/8-1)