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Turkmotion: Share your vote, enjoy your work!


    Turkmotion is an initiative that aims to support the community of crowd workers to find their best matching tasks. In first place, we support the Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)’s community of workers to discover different Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT). Our system consists of a two parts. First Turkmotion Browsers' Extension that allow users rate tasks in MTurk. Second, the Turkmotion website which serve the list of top rated tasks and allows users to browse and filter list of tasks based on their preferences. Currently users can rate a task considering how joyful is it and how fairly it is paid.

    Turkmotion is not only a service for crowd worker community but also a tool for our research about worker's motivation and aspects that influencing it which leads to highly reliable outcome and increase workers well-being. We consider user dependent, task dependent, and platform dependent factors in our research. Turkmotion helps us to find out which task attributes influence users motivation.
    Our goal is to provide tools that help worker to find a joyful and fairly paid task.


    Team Members:Babak Naderi, Dr.-Ing. Ina Wechsung

    Student Members
    Rafael C. Tavares (10/2015-09-2016)
    Daniel I. Katagiri (04/2015-03/2016),
    Christian B. Pepino (04/2014-03/2015)

    Contact: babak.naderi@tu-berlin.de