Quality and Usability

Subject-based Usability Evaluation Methods

Develop appropriate methods for testing future services

Motivation & Project Description

  • research activities that focus on subject-based (non-automatic) usability testing
  • overall intent: improve subject-based measurements of usability
    • adapt and modify existing approaches from basic research
    • develop new methods for multimodal devices/services
  • establish a set of evaluation tools/parameters to be used at T-Labs
  • set standards within the telecommunication community (ITU etc.)

Expected Outcome:

  • Validation of physiological methods: Brain-based assessment, Pupil dilation, Eye movements, Heart rate, …
  • Supply of input parameters/measurements for usability prediction models
  • Assessment of multimodal interaction: What are key elements of multimodal interaction? How can they be evaluated?
  • Development of measuring instruments for intuitive interaction


Time Frame: 05/2007 - 12/2010

T-labs Team Members: K.-P. Engelbrecht, C. Kühnel, S. Möller, A. Naumann, R. Schleicher, I. Wechsung

Funding by:Deutsche Telekom Laboratories