Quality and Usability

Smart Home System INSPIRE

Smart Home Environment for Usability and Subjective evaluation

While setting up the system and enhancing it step by step we want to investigate

  • Identification and classification of quality aspects
  • Development of assessment procedures
  • Direct (questionnaires)
  • Indirect (reaction time, pulse frequency)

INSPIRE stands for INfotainment management with SPeech Interaction via REmote microphones and telephone interfaces It was originally a spoken dialog system for controlling home devices like

  • Several lamps
  • Blinds
  • Internet radio
  • Simulated program guide / video recorder
  • Simulated music archive and playlist
  • Simulated answering machine

It consists of a speech recognition component and a speech synthesis component synchronized with a talking head. The speech recognition component can be replaced by a transcribing wizard and the speech synthesis by concatenated prerecorded sentences. It is possible to use a simultated environment and there is also a version that can be set up at any place.

For multimodal input a 3D gesture recognition and an iPhone-based GUI interface was developed.

Tlabs Members: Christine Kühnel, Matthias Schulz, Stefan Hillmann

Students: Matthias Siebke, Raffael Tönges