Quality and Usability


Project Description

  • Motivation: Focus of this project will be a software tool for project managers and security managers. Project managers can enter the needed soft- and hardware into the tool and the tools will give a autometic security assessment. If the project is not approved the project will be handed over to a securitys manager. Therefore, work is taken from the security managers. Furthermore, the burocratic burden is reduced by decreasing the number of needed forms. We will evaluate the tool with respect of its usability to avoid errors during entry and reluctance of using the tool.
  • Approach: We will iteratively perform two expert evaluations with a prototype of one part of the tool. Furthermore, we will give advice on how to design the user interface of another part of the system
  • Benefit: As security is just a secondary task it is important to not additionally annoy users with bad user interfaces. We will give advice on how to design the interface to reduce the burden users faces when using the system and therfore, reduce errors and reluctance.

Time Frame: 07/2010 - 09/2010

T-labs Team Members: Sebastian Möller, Niklas Kirschnick, Hanul Sieger

Partners:T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom Group IT Security

Funding by:Deutsche Telekom Laboratories