Quality and Usability

Physical Interaction

Motivation & Project Description

  • Sense human action and display information that is enjoyable and functional
  • Merge modalities for an intuitive and natural feel of technologies
  • Enhancing interactions between people and services through sensory-aware technologies
  • Create technologies that primarily consider human aspects of interaction
  • Promote tangibility in human-machine interaction
  • Explore emotive and affective qualities of sensory-rich interaction
  • Conduct research into human sensory-motor capabilities and mechanisms (in particular with the aim of supporting such capabilities by novel interfaces)

Expected Outcome:

  • Build interfaces that allow new services and forms of communication
  • Find design principles that promote specific moods in the user
  • Explore utility and malleability in sensory-motor integration
  • Believability and desirability of physical interactions
  • Create parametric models for the generation of expressive sound and virtual reality
  • Acquire and evaluate extensive amounts of human sensory-motor response data

Time Frame: 07/2007 - 06/2009