Quality and Usability

Mobisense - User Perception of Mobility in NGN

(collaboration with Intelligent Networks & Management of Distributed Systems)

Motivation & Project Description

  • Mobile communication systems will bring together heterogeneous access technologies and integrate wired and wireline networks.
  • Convergence will demand seamless mobility across otherwise independent systems, meaning to maintain ongoing sessions while changing the point of attachment to the Internet.
  • High-quality seamless handovers cannot be guaranteed with the current approaches (user experiences disruptions).
  • The aim is to investigate perceptual quality during handovers in order to design and plan NGNs accordingly.
  • The methodology: (1) using our testbed produce speech samples under controlled conditions, (2) perform users, and (3) translate perceived networking conditions into quality index (applying the e-model).

Expected Outcome:

  • Complete evaluation report on VoIP in NGN scenarios merging networking & user perception data.
  • Subjective test methodology for testing handovers and mobility impact.
  • Extension of the E-model for planning NGNs accordingly.

For further information, please visit the project homepage.

Time Frame: 04/2007 - 01/2008

T-labs Team Members: Blazej Lewcio, Sebastian Möller, Marcin Solarski, Pablo Vidales (Project Leader), Marcel Wältermann

Students: Niklas Kirschnick

Partners: T-Mobile, DAI-Labor (Frank Steuer)

Funding by: Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

Publications: visit the project homepage