Quality and Usability

Mobile Interaction

Motivation & Project Description

  • Design, development, and evaluation of interaction techniques and user interfaces for mobile technologies
  • Create opportunities of mobile devices and services in the context of everyday life
  • Design rich interaction techniques and interface concepts for mobile technologies
  • Enable interactions between mobile devices and the physical world
  • Explore alternative output modalities, such as vibro-tactile display
  • Design ad-hoc user interfaces for multiple device ecologies

Expected Outcome:

  • Using position aware displays for visualizing spatial data like city maps, e.g. WikEye
  • Interactive engagement for musical expression, e.g. CaMus2, ShaMus
  • Study of interaction paradigms such as sensing-based interaction and gestures, e.g. design space methodology, sensor evaluation
  • Navigation strategies for small-screen devices, e.g. dynamic peephole paradigm


Time Frame: 07/2007 - 06/2010

T-labs Team Members: Sven Kratz, Matthias Rath, Michael Rohs