Quality and Usability




  • Challenge: Deutsche Telekom wants to become the best service company at lower cost, i.e. DTKS and DTTS have to improve the user acceptance of customer service despite an increasing automation rate in contact centers.
  • Solution: Optimize quality for self services on a customer-oriented basis:


    • Increase accessibility, reduce waiting time, provide integrated multi-channel access, and offer better usability by multimodal interaction.
    • Flexible maintenance of self-service offerings via improved content & application management tools and tailored voice analytics.


  • Development of use cases, concepts, and technologies to enable integrated multi-channel access (by voice, video, and text/web) to contact centers,
    e.g. new solutions for visual communication in customer self services.
  • Prototypes for intelligent question/answering systems and interactive voice and video response solutions based on the T-Mobile voice platform.
  • Evaluation of content & application management tools for DTKS/DTTS and provision of an extension for video-based and multimodal communication.
  • Transfer by optimization of technology within DTKS/DTTS contact centers.


Time Frame: 02/2009 - 02/2011

T-labs Team Members: Caroline Clemens, Tim Polzehl

Students: Sven Werner, Erik Detzner

Funding by: Deutsche Telekom Laboratories