Quality and Usability

Graded Security for Mobiles

Project Description

  • Currently, mobile devices provide only a one-shot verification upon switch-on; the device can subsequently be used for all activities and provides access to all data of the owner, irrespective of who uses it.
  • In the frame of the GSM++ project, we would like to provide different security levels for smart-phone users by combining easy-to-use verification technologies
  • Users have the benefit to be able to adjust security demands depending on which applications are to be provided, distinguishing between private (e.g., contact lists, SMS) or public data (e.g., web)


  • Implementation of a prototype
  • Development of a taxonomy of technologies for user verification on the basis of different types of verification technologies
  • Definition of implementation guidelines, based on quantitative models of user behavior and detailed usability analyses
  • Definition of security levels for smart phones and related verification policies and development of a taxonomy of functions and data according to users’ perceived sensitivity.

Time Frame: 24 months

T-labs Team Members:Sebastian Möller, Hanul Sieger, Niklas Kirschnick

Partners: Deutsche Telekom Laboratories at Ben-Gurion University, DAI-Labor/Technische Universität Berlin

Funding by:Deutsche Telekom Laboratories