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Quality and Usability

Face, Gesture and Deformations

Motivation & Project Description This project concerns mainly faces and deformable objects. Here is a brief list of topics related to the project: Face and gesture tracking and animation

  • Face modeling, detection and tracking
  • Face animation from video
  • Upper body tracking and gesture recognition
  • Facial model for speech and animation synthesis

Biometric identification

  • Iris authentication and identification
  • Face recognition

Physically based modeling

  • Physically valid models for tracking of highly flexible structures
  • Recovering forces and material properties from videos of deforming structures

Expected Outcome: The project is supposed to result in development of novel algorithms for face detection and pose estimation, face tracking and animation and face modelling. The face model for speech synthesis and animation should be developed. Equally project should provide advances in biometrics, especially developing new methods for iris recognition. Developing algorithms for upper body tracking and gesture recognition is yet another goal of the project. The project mainly should result in scientific publications and patents.

Time Frame: 07/2007 - 07/2010

T-labs Team Members:Slobodan Ilic, Nemanja Grujic, Rahul Swaminathan, Vladan Velisavljevic

Partners: CVLAB, EPFL, Switzerland / Technion, Israel / University of Valencia, Spain

Funding by:Deutsche Telekom Laboratories