Quality and Usability

ERICS – European Refugee Information and Communication Service

Communication inside EU primarily depends on language & understanding, with growing numbers of refugees facing huge hurdles! Resolving such barriers our mobile translation and communication services provide substantial opportunities for society and business, filtering out extremists'

We propose an attractive cloud-service enabling smart and affordable refugee communication, essentially reinforcing city inclusion and resilience, addressing the needs of the most vulnerable people. Interconnecting city actors and refugees we mediate services offered by public as well as private
organizations, e.g. legal counselling, FAQs, job offerings. Natively processing massive multi-lingual data we support data analytics prospects.

High-quality affordable & sustainable real-time multi-lingual communication cloud-based micro-services for EU society and businesses, offered in major EU and refugees' languages in privacy- and security-aware ways (exploit 2015/2016 EIT PST BC "supported"). Tangibly, refugees' requests, content, etc. are being registered, translated, and cleaned from extremists' influences, to be matched and offered to FAQs, authorities, portals etc. (incl. Journalistic Partners in Germany)


  • T-Systems Multimedia Solution (Refugee Services)
  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Aalto University
  • DFKI
  • TU Berlin

Supported by: EIT digital