Quality and Usability

Connected Life and Drive

Nowadays there is an enormous request for all kinds of services that can be used on portable as well as mobile devices satisfying the users need for communication, information and mobility. It appears to be obvious that these services (e.g., email, news feeds and SMS) also find their way into vehicles and are more and more used even while driving.

This poses a large challenge to the designers of in-car infotainment services, since distraction from the driving task has to be kept as low as possible.

In a partnership with Continental the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories unite there competencies to enable the use of Internet and online-services in vehicles. T-Labs objective within this partnership is the design of an HMI that allows a safe and enjoyable interaction while driving. Therefore exemplary mobile services based on the android platform will be developed and evaluated in an iterative design process.

T-Labs Members: Julia Niemann