Quality and Usability

Audio-visual Quality

Motivation & Project Description

  • Development of models for audio-visual services.
  • Support of several projects by additional scientific work: T-V-Model (ID/SR),
    Free Viewpoint TV (ID/SR),
    Image Interpolation (SR).
  • New activities based on synergies with other projects: Audiovisual Rhetoric, Speech Quality, …
  • Makes use of video test site and hardware

Expected Outcome:

  • Subjective assessment methods.
  • Systematic understanding of audio-visual quality perception process.
  • Database of audiovisual quality tests.
  • Audiovisual quality-models for imgage- or video-based systems & services.

Time Frame: 06/2007 - 12/2010

T-labs Team Members:A. Raake, M-N. Garcia, S. Möller, V. Velisavljevic, S. Ilic, R. Schleicher, R. Swaminathan

Funding by: Deutsche Telekom Laboratories