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Affect-based Indexing - Mining for Affect in Multimedia

In this work we use affective measures to index and measure experience of multimedia content that include audio, music and video. The affective evaluation can subsequently be used to provide new ways of Multimedia Indexing, Retrieval and Search. We have started with annotating standard sound effects database used for audio mining. The subjective ratings from the annotations will also be validated with findings from psycho-physiological measurements and more user-friendly measures such as facial-expressions. This is a part of a common effort to build auditory interfaces built at T-Labs. In joint efforts with the Multimedia content retrieval project, we plan to build automatic processing systems to assess multimedia clips and determine affective values. Some of the key questions that are addressed here are: How to automatically highlight parts of a multimedia clip that cause strong emotions? What parts of a clip to put in a preview? What are common features of clips with similar affective impact? What is the relation to implicit emotional reaction of the user? What clips with similar effect a user might like?

The scope of the project is summarized below.

  • Sophisticated annotation of real-world audio & video.
  • Analysis of auditory icons, ringtones, audio, video and music clip.
  • Relation of affective impact to signal features.
  • Automatic methods to  estimate affective impact.
  • Affective evaluation in usability tests.


Duration: April 2010 - March 2012.