Quality and Usability

Usable security and privacy


Evaluating and modelling the user behaviour with respect to security and privacy related IT-systems


This research group aims to evaluate and model user behaviour when using security and privacy related IT-systems. This is achieved by designing experiments to evaluate the behaviour, analyzing influencing factors and modelling the user behaviour and the influencing factors.


  • User behaviour modelling of influencing factors when using security systems
  • Evaluation and modelling of user behaviour when performing media/data sharing
  • Experiment design to evaluate user behaviour towards security and privacy related systems
  • Biometric authentication methods

Supervised Theses:

  • Implementation einer personalisierbaren Website und Evaluation der damit vermittelbaren Sicherheitswarnsignale (Diplomarbeit)
  • Nutzerauthentifizierung durch Gesteneingabe mittels Beschleunigungssensor und Gyroskop (Masterarbeit)
  • Gesture-based User Authentication on Mobile Devices using Accelerometer and Gyroscope (Masterarbeit)
  • Implementation and Usability testing of Gesture-Based Authentication on iOS (Bachelorarbeit)


Senior Researcher:



Past projects: