Quality and Usability



Measuring and modelling human perception to increase Quality of Experience (QoE)


    • Develop subjective test methods to quantify and improve quality
    • Develop instrumental methods and algorithms (traditional and Machine Learning based) for quality prediction


    • ACCORDION - Adaptive Edge/Cloud Compute and Network Continuum over a Heterogeneous Sparse Edge Infrastructure to Support Nextgen Applications (EU Horizon2020) [2020-2023]
    • Evaluating the quality of speech services using crowdsourcing (DFG) [2021-2024]
    • KOVOSEQ- Kontinuierliche Vorhersage subjektiv empfundener Qualität (BMBF) [2022 - 2023]
    • SENSOLENS- Optimierung des optischen Linsen-Designs von Brillen basierend auf Smartphone Sensordaten (BMBF) [2022-2023]
    • QUASIKO - Qualitätsmessung durch Simulation von Konversationen (BMBF) [2021 - 2023]
    • B5G4XR - Beyond 5G paradigms integration with User Experience in Extended Reality services (BMBF) [2022 - 2023]
    • ITU-T Work

    Past Projects:


      • Quality of speech and audio services
      • Quality of video and audio-visual services
      • Quality of gaming
      • Quality of virtual and augmented reality