Polymerwerkstoffe und -technologien



19. DYFP Konferenz - Vortrag und Poster

Ein Vortrag von Fr. Goslinska mit dem Titel "Effects of Long-Term Lubricant Exposure on Mechanical Impact Properties of Polycarbonate Safety Glazing" wird am 26. März präsentiert.

Kurze Beschreibung:

"Polycarbonate (PC) is a widely used transparent thermoplastic class of materials because of its special mechanical and optical properties. With sufficient wall thickness it is even licensed for bullet proof windows, and also used for protective vision panels in machine tools. However, PC is subject to aging processes especially due to its glassy polymer structure and under additional chemical influence, which may lead to premature failure of the protective glazing. In this work, the aging behaviour of PC safety vision panels used in machine tools is investigated regarding the influence of latest cooling lubricants."