Numerische Mathematik

Angewandte und numerische Lineare Algebra

LRSMOR, Model reduction package for reducing linear systems with low-rank switching (Low Rank Switching MOR) (Beschreibung, Code)

PABTEC, PAssivity-preserving Balanced Truncation method for Electrical Circuits (Beschreibung)

NLEVP, A Collection of Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems

PEPACKA, Software Package for computing the Numerical Solution of palindromic and even eigenvalue problems using the Pencil Laub Trick (Beschreibung)

SKURV, Matlab toolbox for the skew URV decomposition of a matrix triple (Beschreibung)

Even_IRA, Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi method for Even eigenvalue problems (Beschreibung, Code, Paper)

SHIRA, Skew Hamiltonian isotropic Implicitly Restartet Arnoldi

ILUPACK Incomplete LU decomposition PACKage (Beschreibung)

Analysis und Numerik von differentiell-algebraischen Gleichungen (DAEs)

GELDA, GEneral Linear Differential-Algebraic equation solver (Beschreibung)

GENDA, GEneral Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic equation solver (Beschreibung)

SolveDAE, Matlab-Toolbox to SolveDifferential Algebraic Equations (Beschreibung)

GEOMS, General Equations Of Motion Solver (Beschreibung)