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[en] Sharma, Antara; Thongrom, Boonya; Bhatia, Sumati; von Lospichl, Benjamin; Addante, Annalisa; Graeber, Simon Y; Lauster, Daniel; Mall, Marcus A; Gradzielski, Michael; Haag, Rainer
Polyglycerol-based mucus-inspired hydrogels
Macromol. Rapid Commun., 42 (20) :e2100303
Oktober 2021
Herausgeber: Wiley
[en] Simon, Miriam; Veit, Michael; Osterrieder, Klaus; Gradzielski, Michael
Surfactants - Compounds for inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 and other enveloped viruses
Curr. Opin. Colloid Interface Sci., 55 (101479) :101479
Oktober 2021
Herausgeber: Elsevier BV
[en] Navarro, Luis A.; Ryan, Justin J.; Dzuricky, Michael; Gradzielski, Michael; Chilkoti, Ashutosh; Zauscher, Stefan
Microphase separation of resilin-like and elastin-like diblock copolypeptides in concentrated solutions
Biomacromolecules, 22 (9) :3827–3838
September 2021
Herausgeber: American Chemical Society (ACS)
[en] Prause, Albert; Hörmann, Anja; Cristiglio, Viviana; Smales, Glen J.; Thünemann, Andreas F.; Gradzielski, Michael; Findenegg, Gerhard H.
Incorporation and structural arrangement of microemulsion droplets in cylindrical pores of mesoporous silica
Mol. Phys., 119 (15-16) :e1913255
August 2021
Herausgeber: Informa UK Limited
[en] Oguztürk, H. Esra; Bauer, Leona J.; Mantouvalou, Ioanna; Kanngieβer, Birgit; Velev, Orlin D.; Gradzielski, Michael
Preparation of reinforced anisometric patchy supraparticles for self‐propulsion
Part. Part. Syst. Charact., 38 (6) :2000328
Juni 2021
Herausgeber: Wiley
[en] Kuzminskaya, Olga; Hoffmann, Ingo; Clemens, Daniel; Gradzielski, Michael
Viscosity of polyelectrolyte surfactant complexes—the importance of the choice of the polyelectrolyte seen for the case of PDADMAC versus JR 400
Macromolecules, 54 (10) :4615–4625
Mai 2021
Herausgeber: American Chemical Society (ACS)
[en] Gradzielski, Michael; Duvail, Magali; Malo de Molina, Paula; Simon, Miriam; Talmon, Yeshayahu; Zemb, Thomas
Using microemulsions: Formulation based on knowledge of their mesostructure
Chem. Rev., 121 (10) :5671–5740
Mai 2021
Herausgeber: American Chemical Society (ACS)
[en] Sun, Chunning; Gradzielski, Michael
Upconversion-based nanosystems for fluorescence sensing of pH and H2O2
Nanoscale adv., 3 (9) :2538–2546
Mai 2021
Herausgeber: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
[en] Siegl, Kathrin; Kolik-Shmuel, Luba; Zhang, Mingming; Prévost, Sylvain; Vishnia, Kalanit; Mor, Amram; Appavou, Marie-Sousai; Jafta, Charl J.; Danino, Dganit; Gradzielski, Michael
Directed assembly of multi-walled nanotubes and nanoribbons of amino acid amphiphiles using a layer-by-layer approach
Chemistry, 27 (23) :6904–6910
April 2021
Herausgeber: Wiley
[en] Sun, Chunning; Gradzielski, Michael
Fluorescence sensing of cyanide anions based on Au-modified upconversion nanoassemblies
Analyst, 146 (7) :2152–2159
April 2021
Herausgeber: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
[en] Bekir, Marek; Hörmann, Anja; Brückner, Christoph; Hoffmann, Ingo; Prévost, Sylvain; Gradzielski, Michael
Adsorption kinetics of oppositely charged hard and soft nanoparticles with phospholipid membranes
Langmuir, 37 (8) :2800–2809
März 2021
Herausgeber: American Chemical Society (ACS)
[en] Hayward, Dominic W.; Magro, Germinal; Hörmann, Anja; Prévost, Sylvain; Schweins, Ralf; Richardson, Robert M; Gradzielski, Michael
A temperature-controlled electric field sample environment for small-angle neutron scattering experiments
Rev. Sci. Instrum., 92 (3) :033903
März 2021
Herausgeber: AIP Publishing
[en] Hellmund, Katharina S.; von Lospichl, Benjamin; Böttcher, Christoph; Ludwig, Kai; Keiderling, Uwe; Noirez, Laurence; Weiß, Annika; Mikolajczak, Dorian J.; Gradzielski, Michael; Koksch, Beate
Functionalized peptide hydrogels as tunable extracellular matrix mimics for biological applications
Pept. Sci. (Hoboken), 113 (2)
März 2021
Herausgeber: Wiley
[en] Sun, Chunning; Schäferling, Michael; Resch-Genger, Ute; Gradzielski, Michael
Solvothermal synthesis of lanthanide‐doped NaYF 4 upconversion crystals with size and shape control: Particle properties and growth mechanism
ChemNanoMat, 7 (2) :174–183
Februar 2021
Herausgeber: Wiley
[en] Hechenbichler, Michelle; Laschewsky, André; Gradzielski, Michael
Poly(N,N-bis(2-methoxyethyl)acrylamide), a thermoresponsive non-ionic polymer combining the amide and the ethyleneglycolether motifs
Colloid Polym. Sci., 299 (2) :205–219
Februar 2021
Herausgeber: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
[en] Wolde-Kidan, Amanuel; Herrmann, Anna; Prause, Albert; Gradzielski, Michael; Haag, Rainer; Block, Stephan; Netz, Roland R.
Particle diffusivity and free-energy profiles in hydrogels from time-resolved penetration data
Biophys. J., 120 (3) :463–475
Februar 2021
Herausgeber: Elsevier BV
[en] Spiering, Vivian J.; Lutzki, Jana; Gradzielski, Michael
Thermodynamics of micellization of nonionic surfactants - The effect of incorporating CO2 moieties into the head group
J. Colloid Interface Sci., 581 (Pt B) :794–805
Januar 2021
Herausgeber: Elsevier BV


[en] Walkowiak, Jacek; Gradzielski, Michael; Zauscher, Stefan; Ballauff, Matthias
Interaction of proteins with a planar poly(acrylic acid) brush: Analysis by quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D)
Polymers (Basel), 13 (1) :122
Dezember 2020
Herausgeber: MDPI AG
[en] Sakamoto, Hiromu; Masunaga, Akihiro; Takiue, Takanori; Tanida, Hajime; Uruga, Tomoya; Nitta, Kiyofumi; Prause, Albert; Gradzielski, Michael; Matsubara, Hiroki
Surface freezing of cetyltrimethylammonium chloride-hexadecanol mixed adsorbed film at dodecane-water interface
Langmuir, 36 (48) :14811–14818
Dezember 2020
Herausgeber: American Chemical Society (ACS)
[en] Simon, Miriam; Gradzielski, Michael; Hoffmann, Ingo
Dynamics in polyelectrolyte/microemulsion complexes
Nanoscale adv., 2 (10) :4722–4727
Oktober 2020
Herausgeber: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
[en] Buchold, Philipp; Ram-On, Maor; Talmon, Yeshayahu; Hoffmann, Ingo; Schweins, Ralf; Gradzielski, Michael
Uncommon structures of oppositely charged hyaluronan/surfactant assemblies under physiological conditions
Biomacromolecules, 21 (9) :3498–3511
September 2020
Herausgeber: American Chemical Society (ACS)
[en] Bryant, Saffron J.; Atkin, Rob; Gradzielski, Michael; Warr, Gregory G.
Catanionic surfactant self-assembly in protic ionic liquids
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 11 (15) :5926–5931
August 2020
Herausgeber: American Chemical Society (ACS)
[en] Azeri, Özge; Schönfeld, Dennis; Noirez, Laurence; Gradzielski, Michael
Structural control in micelles of alkyl acrylate-acrylate copolymers via alkyl chain length and block length
Colloid Polym. Sci., 298 (7) :829–840
Juli 2020
Herausgeber: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
[en] Simon, Miriam; Schneck, Emanuel; Noirez, Laurence; Rahn, Sofia; Davidovich, Irina; Talmon, Yeshayahu; Gradzielski, Michael
Effect of polymer architecture on the phase behavior and structure of polyelectrolyte/microemulsion complexes (PEMECs)
Macromolecules, 53 (10) :4055–4067
Mai 2020
Herausgeber: American Chemical Society (ACS)
[en] Cavallaro, Giuseppe; Chiappisi, Leonardo; Gradzielski, Michael; Lazzara, Giuseppe
Effect of the supramolecular interactions on the nanostructure of halloysite/biopolymer hybrids: a comprehensive study by SANS, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and electric birefringence
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 22 (15) :8193–8202
April 2020
Herausgeber: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

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