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M.Sc. Michel Tolksdorf

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  • Technische Universität Berlin
  • Berlin Centre for consumer policies BCCP
  • Berlin Doctoral Program of Economics and Management Science BDPEMS
  • Berlin School of Economics BSE


  • 2017 Master of Science in Industrial and Network Economics, TU Berlin
  • 2014 Bachelor of Science in Economics, TU Berlin

Research Interests: Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Industrial Organization, Microeconomics

Sekretariat H 91
Raum H 5140


Mangelsdorf, A. and Tolksdorf, M. Explaining Differences in Compliance with Food Standards: Evidence from the International Featured Standard in: EURAS Proceedings 2014, 19th EURAS Annual Standardisation Conference; Ivana Mijatovic and Kai Jakobs (Eds); Verlagshaus Mainz GmbH Aachen, pp. 91-106.

Working paper

  • We value your privacy: Behavior-based pricing under endogenous privacy (with Friederike Heiny and Tianchi Li) [Current version]
  • On point predictions in behavior-based pricing experiments [Earlier version]
  • The ‘right to be forgotten’: Retention offers after privacy enforcement [Earlier version]

Work in Progress

  • Non-numerical and social anchoring in consumer-generated ratings (with Yigit Özcelik)
  • Rebate rules in reward-based crowdfunding: Introducing the bid-cap rule (with Fabian Gerstmeier and Yigit Özcelik)
  • Unethical behavior towards groups (with Vera Angelova)


  • Substitute Lecture Microeconomics: Fall 2021 Spring 2022; TU Berlin
  • Supervision of TA's Microeconomics: Fall 2020, 2021 Spring 2021, 2022; TU Berlin
  • Substitute Lecture Game Theory: Fall 2019; TU Berlin
  • TA Industrial Organization: Spring 2020, 2021; TU Berlin
  • TA Game Theory: Fall 2017, 2019; TU Berlin
  • TA Microeconomics: Fall 2014, 2015, 2018 Spring 2015, 2016; TU Berlin