Volkswirtschaftlehre, insbesondere Makroökonomie

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bindseil

Director General DG Market Operations European Central Bank

Teaching: Central banking and financial stability / Payments and Market Infrastructure

CV and Full Publication List

Curriculum Vitae

1969Born in Madras, India
1991Diplom-Volkswirt (Master in Economics) University of Saarbrücken
1994PhD in Economics (Dr. rer. pol.) University of Saarbrücken
1994-1997Economist in the Economics Department of the Deutsche Bundesbank
1997-2000Economist at the European Monetary Institute / European Central Bank
2000-2004Head of Section Liquidity Management, Directorate General Operations, Operations Analysis Division, European Central Bank
2004-2005Deputy Head of Risk Management Division, European Central Bank
2006-2009Head of Risk Management Division, European Central Bank
since 2009Honorary Professor TU Berlin
2009-2012Deputy Director General Market Operations, European Central Bank
2012-2019Director General Market Operations, European Central Bank
since 2019Director General Market Infrastructure and Payment Systems, European Central Bank

Recent Work

U. Bindseil (2020)
Tiered CBDC and the financial system
ECB Working Paper No. 2351, Article

U. Bindseil (2019)
Central Banking before 1800: A rehabilitation
Oxford: Oxford University Press, Article

U. Bindseil (2019)
Early German and French central bank charters and regulations
ECB Occasional Paper No. 234, Article

U. Bindseil, M. Corsi, B. Sahel, and A. Visser (2017)
The Eurosystem collateral framework explained
ECB Occasional Paper No. 189, Article

U. Bindseil, C. Domnick, and J. Zeuner (2015)
Low interest rate policies and the expropriation of the saver – A review
ECB Occasional Paper No. 161, Article

Prof. Dr.

Ulrich Bindseil



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