Volkswirtschaftlehre, insbesondere Makroökonomie

Ciril Bosch-Rosa, PhD

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / Research assistant

  • Website with latest working papers:  here
  • Research Interests: experimental economics, behavioral economics, surveys, finance and banking
  • Curriculum Vitae


  • Bosch-Rosa, Ciril (2018): That’s How We Roll: an Experiment on Rollover Risk. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 145, 495-510. Paper
  • Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, Thomas Meissner, and Antoni Bosch-Domènech (2018): Cognitive Bubbles. Experimental Economics, 21(1), 132-153. Paper
  • Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, Chrisitna Aperjis, Dan Friedman, and Bernardo Huberman (2017): Intolerable Nuisances: Some Laboratory Evidence on Survivor Curve Shapes. Experimental Economics, 20(3), 601–621. Paper
  • Bosch-Rosa, Ciril (2018): Equality over intentionality: The normative social preferences of neutral third-parties. Plos One, 13(11). Paper
  • Bosch-Rosa, Ciril and Meissner, Thomas (2020): The one player guessing game: A diagnosis on the relationship between equilibrium pay, stated beliefs, and best responses. Experimental Economics, 23, 1129–1147. Paper
  • Bosch-Rosa, Ciril and Corgnet, Brice (2021): Cognitive Finance. Handbook of Experimental Finance, pp. 73-88. Edward Elgar Publishing. Paper
  • Ahrens, Steffen, Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, and Meissner, Thomas (2022): Intertemporal consumption and debt aversion: a replication and extension. Journal of the Economic Science Association, 8, 56-84. Paper.
  • Ahrens, Steffen, Bitter, Lea, and Bosch-Rosa, Ciril (2023): Coordination Under Loss Contracts. Games and Economic Behavior, 137, pp.270-293. Paper.
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