Volkswirtschaftlehre, insbesondere Makroökonomie

Payments and Market Infrastructure


Thursday07 April 202218:00 - 19:30online
Thursday14 April 202218:00 - 19:30online
Thursday21 April 202218:00 - 19:30online
Thursday28 April 202218:00 - 19:30online
Thursday05 May 202218:00 - 19:30online
Thursday12 May 202218:00 - 19:30online
Thursday18 May 202218:00 - 19:30online
Friday27 May 202214:00 - 18:00on-site (BIB 014)
Saturday28 May 202209:00 - 13:00on-site (BIB 014)
Thursday02 June 202218:00 - 19:30online
Thursday23 June 202218:00 - 19:30online

Final Exam

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All information regarding the course registration, content and organization will be published in the official PMI ISIS course: https://isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=28613

Summer Term 2022

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bindseil, European Central Bank
Contact: ulrich.bindseil(at)ecb.int

Office hours: by appointment, before or after the lecture

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  • Meeting number (access code): 2743 388 8456
  • Meeting password: K6i9MAS3yGVc (56496273 from phones and video systems)  

Course registration

To register for the course, please send an E-Mail to Rouven Geismar (r.geismar(at)tu-berlin.de) including the following information:
First Name, Second Name, Matr. No., TU E-Mail Address, Study Program, Bachelor/Master program, University

Please note that this course has a capacity limit. In case our limit will be reached, we cannot accept further registrations.

Study Programs

For students of: Master of Industrial and Network Economics (MINE), Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen MSc, Economics BSc, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen BSc, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability MSc
Course form: Lecture series (2 SWS), 6 ECTS.


The course is intended to endow students with the theory and practice of financial market infrastructures, including the relevant financial market instruments, systems, institutions, message formats, legal and regulatory frameworks. Students will be able to understand how financial market operations (including those by the central bank) are actually implemented and anchored, and what economic issues arise in this context.

The course covers the basic functioning of key market infrastructures (CSDs, securities settlement systems, CCPs, CLS, etc.), payment systems (RTGS systems, netting systems, retail payment systems, etc.), and messaging formats and networks (ISO20022, SWIFT). Key related economic questions are identified, such as: efficiency, network externalities, competition, standardization, resilience, cases for regulation, etc., relying on the existing academic literature.


Portfolio examination! For further information about the individual elements, please see the official ISIS course.