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Publications at the Chair of Macroeconomics

Below is a list of all publications at the Chair of Macroeconomics since 2008.

You can find a full list of publications by Prof. Dr. Frank Heinemann and additional material like online appendices here.

Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, Albert Menkveld, and many others2024Non-Standard ErrorsJournal of Finance, forthcomingDownload
Ahrens, Steffen, and Ciril Bosch-Rosa2024Motivated beliefs, social preferences, and limited liability in financial decision-MakingJournal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming 
Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, Daniel Gietl, and Frank Heinemann2024Risk-Taking under Limited Liability and Moral Hazard: Quantifying the Role of Motivated BeliefsManagement Science, forthcomingManuscript
Heinemann, Frank2024An Experimental Test of the Global-Game Selection in Coordination Games with Asymmetric PlayersJournal of Economic Behavior and Organisation , forthcoming.Manuscript
Bulutay, Muhammed, Huber C., Dreber, A., Huber, J., +91 others, and Holzmeister F.2023Competition and moral behavior: A meta-analysis of forty-five crowd-sourced experimental designsPNAS, vol. 120, no. 23Download
Ahrens, Steffen, Bitter, Lea, and Bosch-Rosa, Ciril2023Coordination Under Loss ContractsGames and Economic Behavior 137, 270-293Manuscript
Bruttel, Lisa, Muhammed Bulutay, Camille Cornand, Frank Heinemann, and Adam Zylbersztejn2023Measuring Strategic-Uncertainty AttitudesExperimental Economics, 26, 522-549Download
Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, and Brice Corgnet2022Cognitive FinanceHandbook of Experimental Finance, page 73-88 
Ahrens, Steffen, Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, and Meissner, Thomas2022Intertemporal consumption and debt aversion: a replication and extensionJournal of the Economic Science Association 8, 56-84 Journal Article
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann2022Monetary Policy Obeying the Taylor Principle Turns Prices into Strategic Substitutes Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation 200, 1357-1371Manuscript
Bulutay, Muhammed, Camille Cornand, and Adam Zylbersztejn2022Learning to Deal with Repeated Shocks under Strategic Complementarity: An ExperimentJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization 200, 1318-1343Journal Article
Working Paper
Bulutay, Muhammed, David Hales, Patrick Julius, and Weiwei Tasch2021Imperfect Tacit Collusion and Asymmetric Price TransmissionJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 192, pg. 584-599 Journal Article Presentation
Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, and Thomas Meissner2020The one player guessing game: a diagnosis on the relationship between equilibrium play, beliefs, and best responsesExperimental Economics 23, 1129 - 1147 Journal Article
Duffy, John, and Frank Heinemann2020Central Bank Reputation, Cheap Talk and Transparency as Substitutes for Commitment: Experimental Evidence Journal of Monetary Economics 117, 887-903 Manuscript
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann2019Experiments in Macroeconomics: Methods and Applications Arthur Schram and Aljaž Ule (eds.), Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Experimental Economics, Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 269-294 Manuscript
Fehr, Dietmar, Frank Heinemann, and Aniol Llorente-Saguer2019The Power of Sunspots: An Experimental AnalysisJournal of Monetary Economics, 103, 123-136Manuscript
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Bosch-Rosa, Ciril2018Equality over Intentionality: The Normative Social Preferences of Neutral Third-PartiesPLoS One, 13(11), e0205240Paper
Bosch-Rosa, Ciril2018That’s How We Roll: an Experiment on Rollover RiskJournal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 145, 495-510Paper
Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, Thomas Meissner, and Antoni Bosch-Domènech2018Cognitive BubblesExperimental Economics, 21(1), 132-153Paper
Nagel, Rosemarie, Andrea Brovelli, Frank Heinemann, and Giorgio Coricelli2018Neural Mechanisms Mediating Degrees of Strategic UncertaintySocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 13(1), 52-62Paper
Supplementary Data
Ahrens, Steffen, Inske Pirschel, and Dennis J. Snower2017A Theory of Price Adjustment under Loss AversionJournal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 134, 78-95Journal Articel
Working Paper
Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, Chrisitna Aperjis, Dan Friedman, and Bernardo Huberman2017Intolerable Nuisances: Some Laboratory Evidence on Survivor Curve ShapesExperimental Economics, 20(3), 601–621Manuscript
Heinemann, Frank, Ulrich Klüh, and Sebastian Watzka (eds.)2017Monetary Policy, Financial Crises, and the Macroeconomy: Festschrift for Gerhard IllingSpringer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 351 pages, ISBN 978-3-319-56261-2Contents
König, Philipp, and David Pothier2016Too Much of a Good Thing: Short-Term Debt as a Sorting DeviceJournal of Financial Intermediation, 28, 100-114 
Meissner, Thomas2016Intertemporal Consumption and Debt Aversion: an Experimental StudyExperimental Economics, 19(2), 281-298Working Paper
Schleich, Joachim, Xavier Gassmann, Corinne Faure, and Thomas Meissner2016Making the Implicit Explicit: a Look Inside Implicit Discount RatesEnergy Policy, 97, 321-331Paper
Ahrens, Steffen, and Matthias Hartmann2015Cross-sectional evidence on state-dependent versus time-dependent price settingEconomics Bulletin, 35(4), 2701-2709Journal Artikel
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann2015Macro-expérimentation autour des fonctions des Banques centralesRevue française d'economie, 30(2), 3-47 
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann2015Limited Higher Order Beliefs and the Welfare Effects of Public InformationJournal of Economic Studies, 42(6), 1005-28Paper
Heinemann, Frank, and Charles Noussair2015Macroeconomic ExperimentsJournal of Economic Studies, 42(6), 930-42Paper
Ahrens, Steffen, and Stephen Sacht2014Estimating a High-Frequency New-Keynesian Phillips CurveEmpirical Economics, 46, pp. 607-628Paper
Ahrens, Steffen, and Dennis J. Snower2014Envy, Guilt, and the Phillips CurveJournal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 99, pp. 69-84Paper
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann2014Measuring Agents' Reaction to Private and Public Information in Games with Strategic ComplementaritiesExperimental Economics, 17, pp. 61-77Paper
online appendix (.zip)
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann2014Experiments on Monetary Policy and Central Bankingin: John Duffy (ed.), Experiments in Macroeconomics, Research in Experimental Economics, Vol. 17, 2014, Bingley, UK: Emerald, pp. 167-227Download
König, Philipp, Kartik Anand, and Frank Heinemann2014Guarantees, Transparency and the Interdependency between Sovereign and Bank Default RiskJournal of Banking and Finance, 45, pp. 321-337Paper
Anand, Kartik, Prasanna Gai, Sujit Kapadia, Matthew Willison, and Simon Brennan2013A network model of financial system resilienceJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 85, pp. 219-235Working Paper
Basteck, Christian, Tijmen Daniëls, and Frank Heinemann2013Characterising Equilibrium Selection in Global Games with Strategic ComplementaritiesJournal of Economic Theory, 148, pp. 2620-2637Paper
Daniëls, Tijmen, Jutta Dönges, and Frank Heinemann2013Crossing Network versus Dealer Market: Unique Equilibrium in the Allocation of Order FlowEuropean Economic Review, 62, pp. 41-57Paper
Anand, Kartik, Prasanna Gai, and Matteo Marsili2012Rollover risk, network structure and systemic financial crisesJournal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 36(8), pp. 1088-1100Working Paper
Bindseil, Ulrich, Philippine Cour-Thimann and Philipp Konig2012Target2 and Cross-border Interbank Payments during the Financial CrisisCESifo Forum 13, Special Issue, pp. 83–92Paper
Bindseil, Ulrich, and Philipp König2012TARGET2 and the European Sovereign Debt CrisisKredit und Kapital, 45(2), pp. 135-174Paper
Boeckx, Jef, and Philipp Königv2012TARGET2 Balances in the Eurosystem: What they Are and how to Interpret themRevue Bancaire et Financière, 2012(8), pp. 483-497 
Heinemann, Frank2012Understanding Financial Crises: The Contribution of Experimental EconomicsAnnals of Economics and Statistics, 107-108, pp. 7-29Paper
Anand, Kartik, Ginestra Bianconi, and Simone Severini2011Shannon and von neumann entropies of random networks with heterogenous expected degreesPhysical Review E, 83, 036109Paper
Anand, Kartik, Alan Kirman, and Matteo Marsili2011Epidemics of rules, rational negligence and market crashesEuropean Journal of Finance, DOI: 10.1080/1351847X.2011.601872Paper
Basteck, Christian, and Tijmen Daniëls2011Every Symmetric 3x3 Global game of Strategic Complemntarities has Noise Independent SelectionJournal of Mathematical Economics, 47, pp. 749-754Paper
Bindseil, Ulrich, Philippine Cour-Thimann and Philipp Konig2011Weitere Anmerkungen zur Debatte um Target wahrend der Finanzkriseifo Schnelldienst 64(16), S. 79–86Paper
Daniëls, Tijmen2011Social Choice and the Logic of Simple GamesJournal of Logic and Computation, 21(6), pp. 883-906Paper
Daniëls, Tijmen R., Henk Jager, and Franc Klaassen2011Currency crises with the threat of an interest rate defenceJournal of International Economics, 85(1), pp. 14-24Paper
Meyer-Gohde, Alexander2010Linear Rational Expectations Models with Lagged Expectations: A Synthetic MethodJournal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 34(5), pp.984-1002Paper
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann2009Speculative Attacks with Multiple Sources of Public InformationScandinavian Journal of Economics 111 (1), pp. 73-102Paper
Daniëls, Tijmen2009Unique Equilibrium in a Dynamic Model of Speculative AttacksDe Economist, 157(4), pp. 417-439Paper
Heinemann, Frank2009Rationalität von Entscheidungen: Befunde der experimentellen Spieltheoriein Seemüller, Anna, und Martin Dreßler (Hg.): Geist und Gesellschaft: Politische und wissenschaftliche Analysen, S. Hirzel Verlag Stuttgart, 2009, S. 8-24Paper
Heinemann, Frank, Rosemarie Nagel, and Peter Ockenfels2009Measuring Strategic Uncertainty in Coordination GamesReview of Economic Studies, 76 (1), 2009, pp. 181-221Paper
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann2008Optimal Degree of Public Information DisseminationThe Economic Journal 118 (April), 2008, pp. 718-742Paper
Heinemann, Frank2008Measuring Risk Aversion and the Wealth Effectin: James C. Cox and Glenn W. Harrison (eds.), Risk Aversion in Experiments, Research in Experimental Economics, Vol. 12, 2008, Bingley, UK: Emerald, pp. 293-313Download
Publications at the Chair of Macroeconomics