Studie "Strategies International Procurement – Challenges and Opportunities in Emerging Markets" erschienen

Emerging Markets have been playing an increasingly important role in sourcing activities. Rapid growth in the economies of the Emerging Markets has raised their value in world trade as both sourcing regions and sales markets. Procurement companies that are sourcing in Emerging Markets realize great opportunities and competitive advantages. However, procurement companies face challenges and risks in Emerging Markets. It is importantfor successful companies to develop appropriate sourcing and logistics strategies in order to overcome these challenges. This study provides insights into Top Performer companies’ approaches in dealing with these challengesand analyzes what it is that raises them above their competitors in their sourcing activities in the Emerging Markets.

Efficient management of procurement processes requires a simultaneous focus on specific, crucial factors such as costs, supplier performance, collaboration technologies and sustainable procurement aspects. Companies that are able to master these factors will succeed in their Emerging Market sourcing operations.

This study was supported by the German Logistics Association ("Bundesvereinigung Logistik, BVL) and is published by Deutsche Verkehrszeitung (DVZ).

Bibliographischen Angaben

Straube, Frank; Özgen, Arzum, Ouyeder, Ouelid (2011): Strategies International Procurement – Challenges and Opportunities in Emerging Markets, DVZ Verlag: Bremen, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-87154-437-8