TUB Logistics Navigator

To support supply chain managers in planning robust international networks, ILNET developed a logistics planning tool – the TUB Logistics Navigator. The tool is freely accessible online and enables a co-creational network planning process among different partners in the supply chain (manufacturer, suppliers, customers etc.). After visualizing the whole material and information flow along the supply chain, different analyses functions assist the solution finding process. Additionally the TUB Logistics Navigator serves as a knowledge management platform that synthesizes a vast amount of research that has been conducted by ILNET on the management of international logistics networks between Europe, China and Africa. The TUB Logistics Navigator also includes case studies and good practice supply chains from different globally operating companies. Thereby we mainly focusing on international networks that include China and or Ethiopia.

How the tool can support you

You can reach the tool trough https://navigator.logistik.tu-berlin.de/.

The TUB Logistics Navigator consist of two fundamental building blocks: (1) A logistics data library and (2) The planning tool.

The Logistics Data Library

The Logistics Data Library provides an extensive collection of logistics data relevant to successful logistics planning in China and Ethiopia. The library seeks to provide both country and region specific data that may help in evaluating current logistics structure and planning new sourcing and distribution structures. The libra

ry will be continuously updated, yet it cannot provide real time data.

The Planning Tool and how it supports logistics planning

  • Visualization: It helps to visualize international logistics networks
  • Co-Creation: Through a live broadcasting you will be enabled to work simultaneously with multiple supply chain partners on one planning project and jointly identify ideas and concepts
  • Data Synthesis: It aims to accumulate supply chain data that is widely spread among different departments and suppliers
  • Supply Chain Risk Analysis: different path analysis functions and country risk assessments
  • Planning Information and Management Concepts: It provides valuable planning information, logistics data and management concepts for different steps of supply chain planning to improve supply chain robustness
  • Good Practice Supply Chains: Collection of supply chain cases from various industries that can be utilized for teaching of students and training of executives

What the tool is not!

The tool is not a strategic optimization tool that automatically adjusts your network to fit an optimal solution. Other software solutions are available on the market taking account for this. This freely available browser based tool has the advantage of being easily accessible from all around the world not requiring any software to be installed on your laptop or PC. Through its design it helps to easily pool knowledge across complicated and sometimes complex network structures.


All information provided online by companies who apply this tool while be treated with complete confidentiality. No data will be published in any from whatsoever.