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The “African Research Cluster on Logistics and Supply Chain” (ARCLoS) aims to strengthen the network of researchers from African countries in the fields of logistics and supply chain management. Based on a virtual, cross-country exchange of research methods, approaches and results, knowledge is to be disseminated, synergies identified and joint activities initiated. ARCLoS will start with virtual meetings every two months (approx. 90 min per meeting), where researchers of the ARCLoS network voluntarily present and discuss current results of their research in short keynote speeches followed by discussions. Through this regular exchange, a common understanding of the research areas and methodological approaches of the other researchers is created. In the mid- and long-term this can lead to joint research activities and projects.

Both, researchers from partner universities of the network of African universities supported by the Kuehne Foundation and also researchers from other African universities who are interested in a structured exchange are addressed. For more information on the ARCLoS network and the possibility to participate in the virtual discussions on a regular basis, please register here:

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