Konstruktion und Produktzuverlässigkeit
Engineering Design, Structure and Rotor Dynamics Project

Content and Learning Outcomes


Within the project, current issues of the current research are addressed, with a focus on engineering design, system or structure measurement, analytical and operational tasks:

  • Development of solution concepts, splitting the main process into subtasks, formulation of milestones
  • Independent processing of the project, interim reports and updates
  • Documentation of the work steps and results
  • Presentation of the completed project in a colloquium


Learning Outcomes

Through guided independent work on selected current topics from the engineering-technical areas of current research, the students are familiarized with the typical phases of project work in a team. During the solution of practice-oriented tasks, social technical and organizational skills are trained in addition to technical and methodological knowledge.

Workload and Mandatory requirements

Contact person

If you are interested in please write an e-mail to the contact person:

Aryan Ghomashi, M.Sc.

Dr.-Ing. Tien Dat Phan

Marian Sarrazin, M.Sc.

Exam Registration

Please note the registration deadlines for portfolio examinations in accordance with § 63 of Ordnung zur Regelung des allgemeinen Studien- und Prüfungsverfahrens an der Technischen Universität Berlin vom 9. September 2020