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Advanced Passive Safety Network

The aim of this Network project is to mobilise the European scientific & business expertise in Vehicle Passive Safety to accelerate improvements in road safety in order to reduce the annual road victims for the European Union. The joint technical and scientific objective of this Network of Excellence is to enhance the level of road safety at affordable costs for the individual user as well as for the European society.


Specific objectives of this Network are:

  • To create a permanent organisation (virtual centre of excellence) in the field of passive safety including the link with pre-crash and post-crash issues for road transport at European level,
  • To further integrate research activities at European, national and regional level to overcome duplication of research efforts and system (over)complexity, in the form of a virtual institute also investigating new ways for interactive working between research teams, i.e. enhanced electronic information & communication networks, new research platforms, sharing research facilities,
  • To provide a platform for knowledge brokering where users and providers are brought together for knowledge transfer,
  • To establish links with initiatives in neighbouring fields of interests like active vehicle safety, road infrastructure, railway safety and aircraft safety,
  • To identify white spots and initiate new RTD projects in the areas of, among others, restraint systems, materials, biomechanics and computer simulation.

Expected outcome

Creation of a permanent organisation (virtual centre of excellence) in the field of passive safety for road transport at European level; programme for jointly executed research for road vehicle safety (including links with pedestrians and infrastructure); creation of research facilities and platforms; dissemination and communication of research results.

Technical University Berlin (TUB) is the leader of Objective 3 (Knowledge generation and sharing) and responsible for the development and start of a coordinated programme for knowledge.

Data and facts
Project acronym: APSN
Project full title: Advanced Passive Safety Network
Contract no: TNE3-CT-2003-506257 (Network of Excellence; 6th FWP – Sustainable Surface Transport)
Duration: April 1, 2004 – March 31, 2008
Number of partners: 56 (Car manufacturer, Supplier, Research institutes, Universities)


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