Internationaler Workshop "Welfare Regimes and Labour Market Integration of Migrant Women"

Together with: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, IAT Gelsenkirchen, Westphälische Hochschule & Ruhr-Universität Bochum, LEMEX - Uni Bremen


15 March 2024, 12 pm - 18.00 pm, TU Berlin

12:00 – 13:00 Welcome & Lunch
Prof. Dr Felicitas Hillmann, Dr Alexandra David & Anne Ziegler
13:00 – 13:15 Short Introduction of the Participants

Experience and interest in topic
Expectations for the workshop
13:15 – 13:30 Input Equal Parts Project
Assistant Professor Astrid Ouahyb Sundsbø
(Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)
Prof. Dr Anette Fagertun (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)
13:30 – 14:30 Four Inputs (10-15 mins for presentation)

Prof. Dr Felicitas Hillmann (TU Berlin), Female Entrepreneurs & Female Migrant Workers - What is Special about them?
Dr Ralf Sänger (ism Mainz, perspektiveNeustart e.V.), Women Migrant Employment & Entrepreneurship – Implications for Policymaking from a German Perspective
Tenzin Yeshi (University of Bremen, LEMEX), The Significance and the Status Quo of Female Migrant Entrepreneurship Study
Nora Ismail (KAUSA Landesstelle NRW): Diversity in Excellence: Highly Skilled Migrant Women and the German Labour Market
Coffee Break (15 Min)
14:45 – 16:15 Discussion and Results

Comparison of Regimes
Moderators: Dr Alexandra David (IAT) & Dr Judith Terstriep (IAT),
16:15 – 16:45 Outlook | Next Steps
Prof. Dr Felicitas Hillmann & Assistant Professor Astrid Ouahyb Sundsbø


Informationen zu unseren neuesten Veranstaltungen, Publikationen und Projektneuigkeiten

Innsbruck trifft … Stadtforscherin Felicitas Hillmann - ein Interview

Inns­bruck trifft Stadt­for­sche­rin Feli­ci­tas Hill­mann

In der Stadt ist nachhaltig etwas los. Am Donnerstag, 27. April 2023 fand erstmalig das neue Veranstaltungsformat „Innsbruck trifft …“ statt. Universität und Stadt luden Gäste aus Kultur, Politik und Gesellschaft dazu ein, gemeinsam mit der international bekannten Stadtforscherin Felicitas Hillmann ins Gespräch zu kommen. In diesem Rahmen hat Marc Hill vom Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft ein Interview mit Felicitas Hillmann geführt.

Das volle Interview finden Sie hier:


Recap of our Internal NUPS-Conference: “Crisis are golden times for migrant knowledge”

From March 1st to 3rd,  about 15 renowned international scientists and scholars met at the TU Berlin. The days of the conference were characterized by a fruitful exchange, the joy of seeing each other in person and exciting discussions. After the turbulent pandemic period, such a gathering is not a matter to be taken for granted.

In collaborative working groups, new future project ideas were developed on the project guidelines Migration and Climate Change as well as Technological Change, Migration and the Future of Work.

We look back very positively on the first outcomes of our brainstorming throughout the conference, including two sketches for research proposals, as well as one shared publication (Disrupted Transition: Taxonomies of Mismatches of Planning Migrant Housing). Three webinars were planned and will take place in the next months (Subjects: Methodologies/Visa Decisons/Legal Professionals; Matching Programs/Relocating Refugees/Algorhythmical Fairness; Ukrainian Refugees in European Muncipalities). 

After all, the joint development of ideas and concepts on the basis of an international exchange and networking is one of the key intentions of the nups networking unit.

Ankündigungen und Aktivitäten

Fachkräftemangel - Studie und Interview mit Prof. Dr. Felicitas Hillmann

In diesem Beitrag erläutert Prof. Dr. Felicitas Hillmann die wichtigsten Befunde ihrer Studie zur Rolle von Bürgermeistern im Land Brandenburg zur Bewältigung der Fluchtbewegung 2015/2016 und spricht außerdem über Einwanderung in Folge des Ukraine-Krieges.

Den gesamten Beitrag finden Sie hier:

Internal Nups-Conference: “Crisis are golden times for migrant knowledge”

From March 1st – 3rd our internal nups-conference titled “Crisis are golden times for migrant knowledge”, brings together 15 core members of our network. It will take place in Berlin.

We are looking forward to welcoming numerous scientists from all over the world at TU Berlin and we are excited about interesting contributions on their work and inspiring discussions.

In addition to the contributors from our network, three organizations will give guest presentations: Migration matters, the Berlin Center for Global Engagement (BCGE) and the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) at Cottbus.


The NUPS Reality Flashs on Youtube

The NUPS Reality Flashes focus on the topics of climate change and migration as well as technological change, migration and the future of work. The videos in interview format provide insights into the lives of various people around the globe and how their realities are affected by these issues.

Episodes and Links:

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